Snow in northern Xinjiang, the local snow continued to add 60 cm thick-easeljs

Northern Xinjiang rare snow continued local new snow 60 cm – Beijing, Beijing, Urumqi, November 15, (Sun Tingwen Zhou Jicheng Wei Ning) Xinjiang Tacheng area and Aletai area, began to snow or snow since 9, Xinjiang started the second half of this year’s first snow red alert, Xinjiang meteorological station 15 again issued a blizzard warning signal blue. Since the fall of 9 concentrated areas of snow, intensity, long duration, rare historical period. Allegedly, expected 15 to 18 at night, part of the Yili Valley, northern Tacheng, northern Aletai, southern Western Mountains and other places have snow or snow, snow accumulated up to 30 ~ 50 mm, plain new snow 25 ~ 45 cm, 40 cm ~ 60 new snow mountain. Western Siberia strong cold air, from 14 at night until 15 noon, Aletai City, Xinjiang Aletai area suffered a new round of heavy snow, snow has continued for more than 30 hours, more than 50 centimeters of snow thickness. Affected by the snow, the snow and ice road in Aletai City, Altay Airport runway icing on the morning of 15, from Aletai to Urumqi flights have been canceled, the local traffic department dispatched emergency, cleared the road of snow, to ensure the smooth road. Because of the snowfall in Aletai, the traffic police department has begun to highway 229 line, 323 line and 319 line road control, the vehicle safety tips and persuaded to return, and coordinate with the departments highway administration, Safety Supervision Bureau, in a timely manner on snow cleaning. Aletai meteorological station 15, 13 issued a yellow snow, cold blue warning signal, Aletai and the eastern area of Aletai city has significant snowfall, snow depth of 18 ~ 34 cm; 15 is expected during the day to night, the city of Aletai and the eastern part to blizzard, snow, snow depth will continue to thickening. Snow to the daily life of the people of all ethnic groups in Aletai, traffic travel has brought a lot of trouble, but also to the road traffic inconvenience, there are many traffic safety risks. Recently, Aletai Jimunai county fire brigade has continuous relief from the disposal of more than trapped in the snow people and vehicles. At present, Aletai fire officers and soldiers on duty to strengthen combat readiness, ready to fight snowstorm rescue preparations. The Department also reminded that in the snow icing Road, slippery road, low visibility, driving process to control the speed, careful driving, pay attention to keep the vehicle spacing, carefully observe the road traffic situation. If there are people trapped vehicles, please call 119, waiting for rescue. Xinjiang meteorological station said, Aletai area, Ta’er basin and Yili River Valley, the snow weather is obvious, due to the early snowfall, snow depth, and the next 5 days and continuous snowfall weather, in northern pastoral areas appear "white plague" the possibility of large. After the snow, the latter part of the region will usher in a strong cold air, cooling range, the lowest temperature is low.相关的主题文章:

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