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Smile Tour: Thailand Bangkok travel collection – Sohu introduction: Thailand tourism smiling country you may be familiar with Bangkok, this is in fact the city referred to as the world’s longest name of the city of Bangkok, the name English nearly three hundred letters, translated into Chinese long. Her name is written in the "city of angels, the great city, the city of joy" cover and contain everything. The slowly flowing river Mae Nam, sweet fragrant busy streets, full of religious history and culture. This bar here, we accept Thailand smile aviation mission, as we explore the classic smile Ambassador trip to Bangkok. Just set foot on the land of Thailand, immediately understand why Thailand will be known as the "smile of the country". The general national meet greeting is enthusiastic and shake hands, hug or kiss on the cheek, and the Thailand Buddhist country hospitality customs is to smile and hands. Even M Uncle Mike are hands posture, which is unique in the world. As long as a step into the magical land of Thailand, people’s mood will naturally relax. A smile is really a mysterious power, this exciting and warm power are infinitely magnified. This time we take the Thailand smile Airlines flight from Chongqing to Thailand, Bangkok. Aviation airline stewardess very friendly smile, gave a lovely bear to us. The Grand Palace and Wat Chayamangkalaram, Thailand Queen’s birthday month came to Bangkok, some can not be missed attractions, which will go to The Grand Palace. Just the queen of Thailand’s birthday month is August, the whole month of The Grand Palace for the Thailand nationals free. The palace beautiful decoration and as admiring our streams of people busily coming and going, and few tourists. The sun in the sky, many local people in The Grand Palace. Every place will have to go to the attractions and buildings, like to go to Beijing must go to the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall. For Bangkok, will go to the attractions of the first, must be the largest, most of the national characteristics of the Royal Palace – The Grand Palace. Thailand’s unique spire tower, a variety of beautiful decoration, blue sky and white clouds, actually also appeared when the spectacle, like a dream. The Grand Palace is a symbol of Bangkok, Thailand witnessed a generation of Royal years of change. Among them, the Wat Haw Pha Kaew is a place of worship and worship ceremony, called "Thailand’s most sacred temple" is not too much. Because it is a sacred temple, so the rules must be. Go to Wat Haw Pha Kaew to visit the internal shoes hat, no shorts, skirts can not take pictures. So if you want to enter the inside of the tour, go out to check your dress! The Grand Palace is the place where many people come to Thailand. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Chinese elements similar to the Taoist statues in The Grand Palace and Wat Chayamangkalaram, which we have not noticed before The Grand Palace. And there are so many sculptures. It is said that these statues may have been in Zheng’s voyages to the west, and the ships carried them to Thailand along the Silk Road on the sea. See the statue in Thailand.相关的主题文章:

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