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Marriage-Wedding For a hotel or a standalone restaurant; a unique dining opportunity at your location plays a major role in bringing guests to your location. This is truer if the restaurant is located in a hotel or motel. Typically depending on the size; there could be more than one such restaurants; offering more than one choice of cuisines. In house restaurants can contribute significantly to the revenue and profits of such the hotels. These restaurants also enable the additional service facility like in-room dining at the hotel; making it convenient to the guests. So the F&B offering in such restaurants will require significant planning, research; where menus are designed and managed in a profitable manner. When we talk about profits; it obviously means that your F&B offering is being well accepted by your guests and they are satisfied with what is served; hence preferring to spend their evenings at your location. In-room dining while it offers convenience to your guests and giving you the opportunity for a little more pricing ability in certain case; where the guests are willing to pay an additional service fee; however presents certain challenges. . These challenges include the need to keep the kitchen running for longer hours; sometime late nights; which can add significantly to the costs, especially labor costs. So the efficiency of a well planned F&B offering plays a huge and significant role in making difference to your bottom-line. If you are a standalone restaurant it is little more straight forward approach; however your prospective customers are, mostly your regulars and walk-ins; where you dont have a boarding dimension bringing additional customers. So .monality in either case is, to have an efficient and profit making F&B offering, no doubt. In some cases, in some cities and locations, people know most eating joints by what they serve and what they liked in those locations. Those who travel extensively, probably know several such restaurants; which are famous for certain dishes. For example when I visit Bangalore , if time permits I make a point to visit Sana-Dee-Ge at Goldfinch; if you are a seafood fan; you will surely enjoy the authentic Mangalorian style options. I really like the continental style grilled fish they offer; very healthy, and tasty at a reasonable price. This kind of loyalty is purely achieved through what you are serving on the menu; because most people may not have stayed in such a hotel; however this is a best example of how your F&B offering can play a significant role in bring more guests to your location. Otherwise it could be expensive to bring such type of guests without being known for some uniqueness. Another example is the Dakshin at Windor ITC in Bengaluru where authentic homemade south Indian dishes are on the menu. The uniqueness is not only what is on the menu; how they are presented, cooked and eventually served to the guests. They are named in local languages; and when ordered; the serving staff is able to explain in more authentic way; how these dishes are prepared. And at the end what matters is how well it is liked by the guests; and these places are hugely successful in satisfying the taste buds of their customers. So it is simple if you stick to the basics; and enjoy the fruits of such dining offerings! For more information you can visit the following useful links Banquet halls in Bangalore Banquet Halls in Pune Banquet Halls in New DelhiBanquet Halls in Kolkata Banquet Halls in HyderabadBanquet Halls in Mumbai Banquet Halls in ChennaiBanquet Halls in Ahmedabad About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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