Sigh! Elanne Kwong announced breaking up with Cao Yunjin-yezimei

Sigh! Elanne Kwong announced that he had parted from Cao Yunjin Elanne Kwong and Cao Yunjin Sina entertainment news September 30th, today entered the 29 birthday of Elanne Kwong [micro-blog] (micro-blog Elanne) posting said: "the next day, I a person can still Meixinmeifei smile. Happy birthday, I said to myself." Micro-blog has provoked netizens suspicion, she came with Cao Yunjin [micro-blog] breaking news. Subsequently, a reporter broke the news to Elanne Kwong, she has always been frank, generous recognition of Cao Yunjin has parted! Will reward you with good works. Sina entertainment reporter also contacted Cao Yunjin’s agent to verify the matter, the other said Cao Yunjin and Joanna Wang [micro-blog] two people in the movie, but for two people’s feelings, he did not know. However, according to Sina exclusive entertainment reporter was informed that the feelings of the two Cao Jiang in the month before and after the twenty has been a problem. Romance ended, when asked about the reasons for breaking up, she does not want to say, only responded: "between two people really don’t want to disturb you, I hope you will not too much speculation, after a person I will continue to work hard, hoping to work a good return to my care, thank you everyone!" It is reported that in May this year, Elanne Kwong was shot and Cao Yunjin kissing in public photos and exposed the affair exposed, today broke the news also makes a lot of people eat melon expressed surprise: "love come, go in a hurry!" Sina entertainment reporter then contacted on the matter to Cao Yunjin’s agent, the other said Cao Yunjin is filming in Hengdian, temporarily not contact. Also said that Elanne Kwong is filming in Qingdao, but the feelings of two of their situation is not clear. (Chen Xuanwen) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章:

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