Sichuan Tibetan Yi District poverty industry promotion and project signing ceremony hosted in Chengd bree daniels

Sichuan Tibetan Yi District poverty industry promotion and project signing ceremony hosted in Chengdu – Beijing new network in Chengdu in November 2, (Duan Zhengyang) 2, Sichuan province Tibet Yi District poverty industry promotion and project signing ceremony held in Chengdu. The activities to build the road to get rich? Chinese with dream "as the theme, organized by the Sichuan provincial government, Ganzi, ABA, Liangshan 3 state and Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau jointly hosted. The meeting was chaired by the provincial Party committee, provincial agriculture committee director Zum Gao Ha. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee of Sichuan province Liu Guozhong informed the precise poverty, poverty alleviation work of the situation and the provincial government focus on promoting industrial poverty alleviation work plans at the meeting; special promotion vice governor of Sichuan province Zhu He new industrial poverty, introduced the Sichuan Tibetan Yi area resource advantages, beautiful scenery, ethnic culture, ecological advantages, development the opportunity and support policies, encourage entrepreneurs from all walks of life friend, give full play to their own advantages, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, welcome to the Tibetan Yi area investment, support, help and participation of Sichuan poverty alleviation work; Sichuan development group Wang Fengzhao on behalf of the state-owned enterprises in Sichuan, New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao on behalf of Sichuan’s Association made a statement. ABA, Ganzi and Liangshan, the main responsible persons in charge, the relevant part of the provincial responsible person, signed the principal responsible person of the enterprise and some well-known enterprises responsible person more than 230 attended the meeting. It is understood that after the pre negotiation, poverty alleviation and Tibetan Yi District Industry in Sichuan province will promote the signing of 44 projects, involving a total investment of 77 billion 495 million yuan. Among them, the ABA 5 projects, investment of 4 billion 920 million yuan; Ganzi 7 projects, investment of 38 billion 950 million yuan; Liangshan 32 projects, investment of 33 billion 625 million yuan; signed 33 contracts, involving an investment of 26 billion 995 million yuan, the framework agreement of 11 projects, involving an investment of 50 billion 500 million yuan. Double seven pairs of the class of the project, involving a total investment of 29 billion 280 million yuan, agriculture, infrastructure, other services and other projects of the 31, involving an investment of $48 billion 215 million 13. This activity success, provides a good foundation for the next step of the Tibetan Yi Industrial Development Zone and the Tibetan Yi People’s poverty hit. (end)相关的主题文章:

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