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Shenzhen Campus: standard loan business shall not carry out any publicity – Sohu news "naked" female students on campus events led to a public explosion point, the CBRC for the campus loan proposed "transferred the" five character principle, at the same time, the local regulatory authorities and industry associations in the development and discipline investigation work. In August 30th, Shenzhen Internet Financial Association issued the "norms on Shenzhen campus network lending business notice", make the provisions of the nine, is a must do the risk warning, two is to strengthen the audit information, three is to control the cost of borrowing is four, five is the use of the loan must be examined, must follow the principle of prudence, the six is to ensure the students’ information security, seven is the prohibition of illegal propaganda, eight is forbidden line sales and campus agency, nine is the prohibition of illegal collection of behavior. "Notice" requirements of Shenzhen city network lending institutions for rectification of the 3 months, finally submit in writing the association, refused to rectification of the enterprises will be announced to the public, the association will be reported to the relevant departments to investigate. It is worth noting that the "notice" provisions of article third clearly, the enterprise shall not use service fees, fees, fees and other reminders in the name of high fees, network lending business and had swept the campus more high fees and charges for overdue reminders, before falling into the "serial borrowing a website" storm, overdue the management fee of up to 30% of the principal, the third party collection standard is 5% of the total debt to 40% range, determined according to the number of days overdue and difficulty of collection. In addition, the provisions of article fifth, each enterprise to minors or limited capacity for civil conduct of student loans, must obtain the written consent of the guardian and interview. Loans to have the full capacity of the students, must obtain the written consent of party a source of repayment, and be responsible for the authenticity; the second source of repayment for Party must have the ability to repay the parents or other guarantees, the second source of repayment for the students to have the ability to repay, to witness the teacher or counselor signed students and notify the parents or relatives of both sides. For the nature of student loans, there is no source of repayment of second, must obtain the written consent of the school where the students. That is to say, college students in online loans, must go through the consent of the school and parents at least one party. Due to the lack of monitoring of the parents and the school, in March this year, Henan College for soccer gambling owed 600 thousand fraudulent use of student information, the final jump Dutch act now this is expected to significantly reduce the tragedy. Moreover, the "notice" provides that the purpose of college student loans can only be student loans and business loans. However, for college students to forge schools and parents with the written consent of the "notice", and did not show the specific countermeasures, just on the second source of repayment for protection, "the second source of repayment issued by valid evidence in written comments for others forged, the enterprise shall not conduct any form of the second source of repayment of overdue." Indeed, the central bank on their credit situation is almost a blank, and only to more than a dozen very little net lending institutions to provide credit report, credit market institutions is difficult to cover this group of college students at present, can expect only a total of the lending institutions formed a unified network相关的主题文章:

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