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Sheenah Wu Xin: happy family is denied to suppress one family dozen not scattered happy family entertainment news screenshot micro-blog Tencent Sheenah in the evening of October 21st, micro-blog issued a long denied to suppress Wu Xin and colleagues said the happy family ten years as a family, rebuke busybodies fabrications. Sheenah wrote: "the arena total someone trying to influence the happy family feelings, feel boring before ignore, still come, say I suppress Wu Xin said speculation for a long time, not a positive response is endless? I’ll say it again: Although we each have their own life, every time back to the camp like work, but the feeling of home, the stage to host five people, sometimes with guest host a dozen people, do their job, we have to cooperate with the whole program, attention to guest audience, interactive program atmosphere everyone has their own, there is a stall thing, I still have time to stare at Xin Xin and I still managed to suppress? All clothing not let Wu Xin wear nice clothes, the program tube arrangement of the tubes for editing the whole Wu Xin, wow! Have I contracted the base camp? Give me so much power is really too highly of me! I dare say, colleagues more than ten years, Xin Xin encountered problems in their daily work and life, I was the first one to stand out quite a busybody her, don’t party screenshot mischief incited, shut up all stop! Also, the happy family walked together for more than ten years, is a family can not be dispersed! Our program is to accompany you to give you happiness, the psychological dark people want to provoke, want to see ugly drama, we find the wrong place, we will not forget the initial heart, continue to grow with the dear audience, happy together!" Later, happy family members forward and express feelings like family. Wu Xin: "the base camp is not the workplace, is home, is happy, bad guys go away, we love each other."!" Du Haitao: "we are the most loving brothers and sisters in ten years."!" Li Weijia: "we must do not forget the initial heart."!" He Jiong: "for so many years, the days we’ve been together far earlier than the real family, do not show love is too sweet, you can not stand."! The bad guys go away, we’re in love!"

谢娜否认打压吴昕:快乐家族是一家人 打不散的  快乐家族  微博截图  腾讯娱乐讯10月21日晚,谢娜在微博发长文否认打压吴昕,表示快乐家族同事十几年就像家人,斥责好事者胡编乱造。  谢娜写道:“江湖上总有好事者企图影响快乐家族的感情,之前觉得无聊不理,还来劲了, 说我打压吴昕说炒了很久了,不正面回应就没完没了是吧?我就说这一次: 我们虽然各自都有自己的生活,每次回大本营不像工作,而是回家团聚的感觉,台上主持五个人,有时候加上嘉宾有十几个人,主持人各尽其职,我们得配合整体的节目流程,关注嘉宾观众,互动节目气氛,每个人都有自己有一摊子事儿,我还有闲功夫去盯着昕昕打压? 还有造谣我还管服装不让吴昕穿好看的衣服,管节目流程安排管后期剪辑整吴昕,哇!大本营我承包了么?给我这么大的权利还真是太看得起我了!我敢说,同事十几年了,昕昕在日常工作和生活中遇到问题,我是第一个站出来挺她的,好事之徒截图党别整天挑拨离间唯恐天下不乱,闭嘴吧造谣停止吧!还有,快乐家族十几年一起走过,是一家人打不散的!我们的节目就是陪伴大家给大家快乐的,心理阴暗的人想挑拨想看丑戏找我们真是找错地方了,我们会不忘初心,继续和亲爱的观众一起成长一起快乐下去!”  随后,快乐家族成员纷纷转发,表达如家人般的情感。  吴昕:“大本营不是职场,是家,是快乐,坏人走开,我们相爱着呢!”  杜海涛:“我们是十年的最相爱滴兄弟姐妹!”  李维嘉:“我们一定要做到勿忘初心!”  何炅:“这么多年我们在一起的日子早就远远超过了真正的家人,不秀恩爱是怕太甜蜜大家受不了!坏人走开,我们正相爱!”相关的主题文章:

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