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She has a public insult to the mainland, and now to filming in Guangdong… Chicken sister recently, a netizen in Taiwan social media broke the news, Taiwan female artist "chicken sister" Zheng Jiachun recently to the mainland filming, before an anti special speech style, not to mention the muffled fishing rmb. Subsequently, the Taiwan media reported this month, chicken sister was in Guangdong filming, even called it successfully escape the sword ban. Zheng Jiachun, formerly known as Zheng Jiazhen, for making chicken shop propaganda film sexy and accidental explosion of red on the road performing. Although the bear "chicken sister" nickname, but I did not sell chicken. Chicken sister in the program, according to the users collecting insult, from 2013 to 2014, Zheng Jiachun published a special speech, travel, more in the social media call themselves "go abroad", with the mainland users. After chicken sister immediately response "you can disagree with my speech, but I have the power to speak, is here. Taiwan, I am taiwanese." Organizers had deliberately reminded her to say the mainland, or not broadcast, she immediately returned to each other: you cut it directly, I have my insistence." Make the atmosphere is very embarrassing…… Then in an interview in Taiwan, chicken sister more generous that they do not care about the mainland market. At the same time, she also had publicly supported the anti trade clothing, and the sale of their underwear to support it. Now, there have been such outrageous remarks chicken sister silently to the mainland fishing gold, a message, users have said that the boycott. Related news: "chicken sister" to get her name of a director appointed by the Japan female one time: 2015 07 month 14 days to source: Phoenix Entertainment chicken sister (map) according to Taiwan media reports, this year in Hongkong chicken sister Zheng Jiachun photo war, her hard won appreciation, Japanese porn director Morikawa Kei in a picture of her good performance advantages, Qinzhou for her as the first female protagonist, and shouting words left cooperation opportunities. Japanese director Morikawa Kei shooting more than 200 road, a piece of 40, to do a good job after the change to the code for the film "a scene is not NG", these days, Taiwan propaganda. According to the "Apple Daily" reported that he admired Taiwan actress, especially for chicken sister impressed, although I have only seen a picture of her, he said: "I think we know her to show the advantages, this confident girls tend to have very good performance." With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章:

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