Shanghai police cracked a case of suspicion of the use of 11 pairs of red envelopes fraud-pullip

Shanghai police have uncovered 11 fraud cases suspected of using double red – Beijing China Economic Net Beijing on October 31st news reporter recently learned from the Shanghai police, Shanghai Minhang Public Security Bureau successfully cracked 11 suspected of using double red network fraud criminal gangs, arrested 2 suspects have been criminal. According to police, the gang in order to promote the sale of counterfeit watches and WeChat through the implementation of fraudulent behavior. Suspects Chen Mouyou and Chen Bo two brothers, Chen Yu is responsible for website design, advocacy and management, which worked in a number of network companies, familiar with web design. Chen Moubo is responsible for the daily operations, and a high horse for the brothers two people work, which is responsible for the daily maintenance of Ma site, a high charge of the purchase of watches. The investigation found, Chen Mouyou, Chen Bo Ma, the two brothers together with a high website link, to receive a red envelope name, soliciting the landing site, and the registration of personal information, and then request information transmitted to the personnel will be red 3 WeChat friends and share to my circle of friends, the website will pop up interface, recommended value 2998 yuan watches to login, claiming that delivered mail fee will be free. The gang since September has probably sold more than 1 thousand fake watches, the recent expansion of sales, illegal use of the double red envelopes of 11 patterns. The early morning of October 30th, police in Wenzhou Chen suspected of using the double 11 red network fraud and arrested and detained.相关的主题文章:

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