Shandong, Linyi cheated tuition students to three people have been killed in two-g-area meru

Shandong Linyi cheated tuition students to three people two people had been killed – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Ji’nan on August 25th news (reporter Liu Huadong Chai Andong Liu Yingchao Tang Lei) recently, who lives in Luozhuang District of Shandong city of Linyi province high street in the village of Tanzania college at the age of 18 Xu Yuyu was new telephone fraud cheated 9900 yuan tuition, eventually lead to respiratory cardiac arrest death. News sparked heated debate. Coincidentally, on the same day, and Xu Yuyu’s home not far away the soup Town Hedong District Bridge village of Linyi City, a girl small Qin also suffered a telecommunications fraud. Each other in Qin "money laundering" on the grounds, the 6800 yuan of her two bank card money cheat light. Reporters just before the press was informed that, in the second half of the second year with the Linyi County, Linshu students in the continuous encounter telecommunications fraud, cardiac arrest, unfortunately died. According to reports, telecommunications fraud because people can tell the basic information, people believe, so many people into a scam. So, why is the use of personal information frequently used by fraudsters? Telecommunications fraud and why so rampant? According to a girl small Qin cheated, see strange phone number when she didn’t want to answer, but the other has passed several telephone disguised as courier company, bank customer service, Public Security Bureau investigators, cheat she said need to transfer to the designated account that income from legitimate sources, and accurately tell her ID card number, bank account and other personal information, Qin only a step fall into the trap, the 6800 yuan of the family to prepare her for the money to put all sorts of things together are remitted out. Small Qin told reporters about the said: "he said because of a thorough investigation of money, gave me an account, let me put the money in dollars as a unit to turn him in the past, is to put all my money to turn him past. Then said 30 minutes after the end to put the money back to me again, then I will use my mobile phone Alipay two bank cards inside the money to the account which he gave me." But because of telecommunications fraud died of Xu Yuyu, but also because they claim that the day is the last day of college freshmen grants work, asked her 20 minutes to ATM machine operation, to be deceived. Xu Yuyu’s father, Xu Lianbin, told reporters: "the child did not come into contact with these things, there is no experience, just listen to him, the liar said very urgent, seize the time this afternoon, she panicked." So, Xu Yuyu and Qin and many other victims of personal information on why cheat hands, so that these crooks "precise positioning", often succeed? Shandong Hao Law Firm lawyer Zhou Changpeng believes that personal information leakage problems need to pay attention to the legislative level. He said, "tort liability law" protection of personal information only at the level of principle, lack of operating rules; and for the person responsible for the lack of a clear disclosure of sanctions, is the cause of this problem can not solve the main reason. In this case, Zhou Changpeng lawyer said: "special legislation should be carried out, from the proceedings to the responsibility of compensation and so on should be a more detailed legislation. The other is a very important issue involved in the issue of personal information legislation, is how our information leaked out.相关的主题文章:

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