Shandong female students cheated case there are 2 people on the 50 thousand reward to arrest

Shandong female students cheated case there are 2 people on the 50 thousand reward to the arrest of the 25 day, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau official WeChat issued an emergency alert, received 170, 171 and two numbers of calls to be careful, people have been cheated! CFP Linyi, another student died in case of telecommunications fraud was locked 2 suspects experts pointed out that the "section" frequent operators blame lax supervision comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporter from Shandong city of Linyi Province Public Security Department, Linyi District of Luozhuang city Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud case 26, successfully solved the case, 4 suspects has been arrested, another 2 suspects at large. In August 19th, the suspect Chen Wenhui, Zheng Jinfeng Xiong Chao, together with Chen Fudi, Zheng Xiancong, Huang Jinchun et al as Education Bureau cadres, with grants in the name of defrauding the matriculation freshman Xu Yuyu 9900 yuan. After the incident, the Ministry of public security attaches great importance to immediately organized Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places of public security organs to carry out investigation. 26, 2009, the Fujian public security organs will Chen Fudi, Zheng Jinfeng, captured by the Guangdong public security organs will be arrested by the Chinese government. The suspect Chen Wenhui, Zheng Xiancong 2 people at large. The Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant for the arrest of 2 suspects. The Ministry of public security to help arrest the active units or individuals to find clues informants, each captured a suspect will be given fifty thousand yuan reward. In addition, Linshu Song Zhenning deception detection work made significant progress, has been locked 2 suspects, arrest and related work in progress. As the University School season approaching, Linyi City, a spate of telecommunications fraud cases at least three students, three students of bank card fees or money cheated, a man and a woman suspected of causing sudden death of two students, causing widespread concern in the community. Disclosure of personal information, vulnerable, lack of social experience and lack of education in University generation telecommunications fraud fraud victims "disaster" recently, Shandong Linyi female students to encounter Xu Yuyu grants in the name of the implementation of telecommunications fraud, ready to pay tuition fees 9900 yuan cheated, too sad to fainting away. The 18 year old mood suddenly fade distraught, criminals bad behavior outrageous. Reporter survey found that college students in recent years has become a telecommunications fraud victims of the hardest hit, to avoid "Xu style tragedy" reproduction, must be multi pronged approach, a comprehensive strategy. College students and young people just to work telecommunications fraud was mostly open files, in recent years, college students encounter similar telecommunications fraud cases of college students has become one of the It is often seen., deceived the new groups. In October last year, a small college in Changsha, a small Chen Yu will be an online game equipment for sale, log on to a trading site transactions. Soon, Chen received a phone call from the "customer service website". The person said on the phone game equipment has been sold, such as cash required to pay the deposit for foot". In the process of communication, "customer service" to obtain the Chen trust, kept asking him to open "security service", "pay cash expenses". Chen for gospel truth 8相关的主题文章:

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