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The network "one yuan purchase" insider: businesses and you play Gaming – Beijing only need to spend a dollar, you can get prizes, to the left, BMW mobile phone to 100 yuan of panic buying, prepaid card, ticket service. From the beginning of this year, a shopping site called "one yuan purchase" on the network unusually hot. One yuan purchase is to divide a piece of goods into several copies, one yuan per. For example, a price of 5000 yuan of mobile phones, it is divided into 5000 copies, each of $1, when the 5000 copies are sold out, one yuan to buy a platform to extract the lucky, this phone will belong to him. A picture from the visual China to deduct a crazy investment buyers "one yuan purchase" the participants said the NetEase previously played the game, through a number of messages sent to the NetEase company, into the "1 yuan Indiana" interface. From the beginning of a $two investment, then Sanshiwushi, then hundreds of thousands, then tens of thousands. Probably from the beginning of December last year to play, until now, about loss of Sishijiwan. CCTV reporter survey found that many consumers are beginning to hold the fun, try to contact the mentality of a dollar purchase. The beginning is indeed in the lottery, which will be bogged down in the course of time unable to dial. Another one yuan purchase participants said the chance to learn that his colleagues in the ten dollars in an Apple phone began to play. For the first time, 10 pieces in the cast of 100. And then like a drug addiction, like the loan has been thrown into it. Even if there is a piece of money Alipay, WeChat, have inside investment. Before and after a total investment of about four hundred thousand. User rights for "hush money" NetEase denied CCTV reporter in the survey found that some had been obsessed with "NetEase one yuan purchase consumer NetEase tried to safeguard their rights, but the results for" hush money installment """. Shanghai Zheng, in June began to contact one yuan purchase. Began to think that just a game, but in the huge temptation to recharge cards can not extricate themselves, just a month lost two years of savings. In desperation, he found the NetEase ltd.. "I ask for compensation for the loss of 50%, NetEase agreed. I counted more than 70 thousand of the compensation, and the calculation of the NetEase is almost 50 thousand, and promised to compensate for the amount of 20 thousand, to give a total of 3." Zheng said that all the processes are carried out in strict secrecy, and was told not to speak out. NetEase has signed two agreements. "The first agreement is to apologize for the impact of the NetEase; the second agreement is to make some recommendations to the NetEase, the company in the form of incentives to compensate. The first sum of money was in cash and sent me away from the back door." For " ", the NetEase; hush money; one yuan purchase business leader Li Zhuo has insisted that, does not exist " compensation; " this statement. He said that indeed there are users come, first of all, he will be off the account, it is recommended that they do not participate; second, will appease them, to help them buy train tickets to let them go back. The background was completely control their own winning robot reporter found in the survey, a lot of "one yuan purchase lottery process and platform.相关的主题文章:

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