Second round of dialogue between Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs and former officials reached con-4000dy

The second round of Sino Japanese entrepreneur and former senior officials dialogue to reach a consensus on four aspects – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, November 2 (Chen Su) in the second round, the entrepreneur and former senior officials dialogue 2 closed in Beijing, the two sides jointly issued a joint statement, the formation of important consensus on four aspects. The same day, the two sides discussed how to solve the trade, investment and financial cooperation, innovation, infrastructure, energy, environmental protection and other countries to face the issue, and stressed that further strengthen dialogue and cooperation, "the common vision to promote economic friendly". First, the recognition of the FTA, strengthen cooperation between the third parties in the market. The two sides unanimously said, willing to further promote the third market cooperation including major projects in infrastructure in Asia and "The Belt and Road construction etc.. Both sides agreed that strengthening China Japan South Korea Free Trade Zone and RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (FTAAP), the free trade area of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) and other regions is essential for promoting in Japan and Asia and the world economic development. Second, strengthen cooperation in the field of intelligent industry. Today, the rapid development of Internet technology in the world, Japan Society 5 and made in China, the Internet +, etc., are designed to make full use of IT technology to promote the fourth industrial revolution, the realization of ultra intelligent society. In order to achieve the above goals, the two sides expressed their willingness to further explore ways to cooperate in a wide range of smart city, things, robots, artificial intelligence and other fields. Third, strengthen infrastructure construction, energy and environmental cooperation in asia. The two sides recognize that infrastructure construction is an important basis for sustainable economic and social development in Asia, and on how to promote infrastructure construction and cooperation between the two sides exchanged views. In addition, the two sides also recognized the importance of China and Japan to ensure the contribution of resources and energy supply, climate change and environmental protection and other global issues. Fourth, the economic circles force to promote Sino Japanese friendship. The two sides agreed that the expansion of exchanges at all levels and at all levels to further strengthen the relationship between China and Japan is very important to the continued friendly relations. The two sides agreed that the Sino Japanese economic sector will further promote multi-level dialogue and exchanges between the two countries, the two governments to accelerate the process of negotiations. Both sides spoke highly of Sino Japanese business leaders and former senior officials will hold regular dialogue frank exchange of views and ideas, take the initiative to promote and expand and deepen the Sino Japanese economic and industrial cooperation, and agreed to hold the third round of the Tokyo meeting in Japan next year elective. The second round of Sino Japanese entrepreneur and former senior officials dialogue by the Federation of China Center for international economic exchanges and economic organizations jointly organized by Japan, attaches great importance to China level, 34 Chinese ginseng, 30 Japanese ginseng, are two senior officials and leaders of the business community, embodies the characteristics of "small, high level" the. (end)相关的主题文章:

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