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"Screen" Fox poster Trailer announced Luo Yunxi incarnation fox – Sohu Luo Yunxi entertainment more than a click to enter [Yan HD Photo]   Sohu entertainment news today, by Luo Yunxi, Liu Xinqi, Huang Junjie, Wang Zhaoyang, Hao Zejia starring, Sohu video produced Web Series "screen" Fox released the Official Trailer and the new version of the poster, beautiful fantasy style etc. so many viewers yibaoyanfu. "Network drama screen Fox" is a male fox and fell in love love love fantasy martial arts film, trailer opening with a clear look at the clues, the first would be just perfect the relationship between characters manifested the fate of men and women and the main character of three such disputes for the whole increase of Tim color. "If we have the next life, I hope we can still meet", "I don’t want the afterlife, whether it is ten year, or thousands of years, I am going to be with you" comment: this would be a sweet tooth love story. Indeed, sweet love, the perfect ending is that everyone wants to see, "Fox network drama screen" did not tell the story of how, but only the fearless of death for a just cause for justice, love the main line, the subversion of the traditional human fox fell in love, is another breakthrough on the fox series. Had to praise screenwriter Cao Xiaotian hole open, take a look at it. The female Lord Zheng Xuejing is a bold personality, dare to love and hate, occasionally some female artist subtly malicious in the capital, operating a screen shop handed down, suddenly suffering from the disease, while in the two’s cheating boyfriend bestie, married that night, her heartbroken drunk into a different world in the crevice the tavern, get the Royal Xian pen. This is the beginning of the story, see here we will think of the main male appeared! You’re right! Zheng Xuejing lifted the three handsome male fox in the screen, they are different in character, character were high cold aloof, million years of red fox red face wind evil Yu Yan, adults gentle sedate, spring sunshine smile white water white fox Sheng, adorable cute, like a gluttonous naughty black brother next door Firefox black, three male and a strange combination of circumstances, Zheng Xuejing Fox and signed a contract, so the four opened a mystery tour. On this trip, the feelings of the four major changes have taken place. The trailer can be seen in the Kawa Mio red fox red Yan Yu wind agitated adults on female attitude from the beginning of the main conflict and aversion to the last of his wound, save Zheng Xuejing, the great change is through the love story. While the other two "manservant" in Zheng Xuejing’s love is also love or friendship is affection, the story many clues, emotional, writer’s intentions thus. There are heroes and villains in almost all of the love story, Yu Yan in the face of new love and love don’t appear to have more tangled, seemingly cold ice face, but the heart of love is full of yearning, it can adjust the clothes for him in the Zheng Xuejing plot shows a small eyes revealed the inner world of people that is the kind of simple. The play will be fantasy, love, love, warmth, romance and other elements combined, not only in the content to give you a refreshing feeling, in the production of special effects, but also to invite top team,相关的主题文章:

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