Russian players Turkey games provocative provocation lift dress show Putin head

The Russian player for the Turkey game show: Amazing provocative lift clothes Putin head of the Russian players in the Turkey arena show Putin’s picture printed on clothes sina sports 201516 season 116 UEFA Cup final first leg, soil super leader in Russian 2-0 defeated Fenerbahce home court powerhouse Moscow locomotive. After the end of the game, the Moscow locomotive team player Dmitri – Tarasov has staged a controversial move. The Europa League was the highest sporting event in the two countries since the Russian fighter was shot down in Turkey. But after the whistle at the end of the match, Tarasov’s behavior irritated Turkey. The Russian player, who was watching the Turkey fans, took off his shirt, revealing the T-shirt with Putin’s head in it. This picture, Putin is wearing a navy, is equipped with "the most polite words of the president". It should be pointed out that the phrase "the most polite president" also has a special meaning. After the Russian occupation of Crimea in March 2014, the Russian soldiers without badges were called "polite people"". Turkey was very dissatisfied with Russia’s occupation of Crimea, which accused Russia of "annexation"". Tarasov’s behavior, so that Turkey is very angry, the media in Turkey, his behavior, interpreted as provocative to Turkey. But Tarasov didn’t think so, he said in an interview after the match: "I’m not challenging Turkey, I’m just a patriot, and Putin is the president of our country."." Tarasov added that he might wear a T-shirt with Putin’s head on the next match and speak differently. Since the Russian fighter was shot down in Turkey, the relationship between Russia and the earth is very tense, and now Tarasov’s behavior has aroused the strong reaction of the people in Turkey. According to UEFA regulations, no political events or remarks are prohibited in football matches. As a result, Tarasov and the Moscow head team are likely to be punished by uefa. (small nine)

俄罗斯球员土耳其比赛惊人挑衅:掀衣秀普京头像 这名俄罗斯球员在土耳其赛场上秀印有普京头像的衣服   新浪体育讯  2015 16赛季欧联杯1 16决赛首回合,土超领头羊费内巴切坐镇主场2-0击败俄超劲旅莫斯科火车头。在比赛结束之后,莫斯科火车头队球员德米特里-塔拉索夫却上演了极具争议的举动。   这场欧联杯比赛,是自土耳其击落俄罗斯战机后,两国间水平最高的一场体育赛事。但就在这场比赛结束哨音响起后,塔拉索夫的行为却激怒了土耳其。这名来自俄罗斯球队的球员,竟在在现场土耳其球迷的注视下,脱下了自己的球衣,露出里面印有普京头像的T恤。这幅图片里,普京戴着海军军帽,下方配有“最有礼貌的总统”的话语。   需要指出的是,“最有礼貌的总统”这句话也有特殊含义,2014年3月俄罗斯占领克里米亚之后,那些没有佩戴徽章的俄罗斯军人被称之为:“有礼貌的人”。土耳其当时对俄罗斯占领克里米亚的行为非常不满,该国曾指责俄罗斯的行为是“吞并”。   塔拉索夫的行为,让土耳其方面非常震怒,土耳其媒体将他的行为,均解读为对土耳其的挑衅。不过塔拉索夫却不这么认为,他在赛后接受采访时表示:“我不是在挑衅土耳其,我只是一位爱国主义者,而普京是我们国家的总统。”塔拉索夫还补充道,他下场比赛或许还会穿上印有普京头像的T恤,并且会配上不同的话语。   自土耳其击落俄罗斯战机之后,土、俄两国之间的关系便非常紧张,如今塔拉索夫的行为,更是激起了土耳其民众的强烈反应。根据欧足联的规定,足球比赛中,禁止出现任何和政治有关的事件或言论。因此,塔拉索夫和莫斯科火车头队很可能会遭到欧足联的处罚。   (小九)相关的主题文章:

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