Russia plans to hire large tracts of land in China as the wreckage of the crash zone – Sohu news brock lesnar

Russia plans to lease large tracts of land China as rocket wreckage falling zone – Sohu News International Online Zhuangao: according to the Russian "news" reported on September 22nd, the Russian Federation aerospace bureau plans to hire Chinese in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, large tracts of land as falling area of rocket. Reported that the message is from proton -Light and Sunkar launch vehicle project was informed at the show. The first flight time of the two launch vehicles was 2020 and 2025 respectively. News that the Russian Rockets will throw the head cowl doors need to be in the China territory, residents of temporary withdrawal could fall area. For security reasons, Russia needs to rent about ten thousand square kilometers of Xinjiang, china. No city or industrial facilities can be built in this area. The Russian tsiolkovsky Aerospace Academy Andre ionin said, "? From the ecological perspective, the rocket head cowl doors safe. But because these doors with aerodynamic properties, flight distance, so the debris falling area could reach 150 km radius." Ionin also believes that Russia leased land as Chinese rocket wreckage falling zone may mean Russia in technology more in-depth cooperation, and increase the degree of mutual trust between the two countries. Reported that Russia signed such agreements rich experience. For example, Russia and Kazakhstan signed a number of land lease agreement, used as the fall of the Russian strategic rocket forces rocket wreckage.相关的主题文章:

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