Rocket speed! Kardashian began to think of marriage and TT-kaya scodelario

Rocket speed! Kardashian began to think of marriage and marry this TT…… Sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, the last time, Cleveland’s young center Tristan Thompson and socialite Kohler Kardashian’s scandal to raise a Babel of criticism of. According to the American gossip media broke the news that Thompson and Kardashian’s relationship is developing rapidly, and has even referred to Kohler Kardashian and Thompson married. Since the exposed Tristan – Thompson and Kohler Kardashian dating, their romance is rapidly warming. Last weekend, TT and Kohler is similar to Mexico on vacation, but in the process of getting along very close, not worried about the eyes of the outside world. According to the latest information received, the 32 year old Kardashian Kohler has begun discussions with TT married. Does that sound crazy? For Kardashian, this is very normal, because when she and Lamar Odom after dating for a month to get married. In May this year, Kohler Kardashian again filed for divorce from Odom, which means that she restored the single state. "Kohler (Kardashian) know what time she really love someone. In the case of Thompson (Tristan), she has been captivated. She’s totally hooked on Tristan." The source said. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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