Rio Olympic inventory no one can casually succeed-sweets parade

Rio Olympic inventory: nobody can casually succeed once every four years the Olympic Games have ended up in the morning, the number of days no medals can be really some habits, I believe many people like me, mind somewhat melancholy and empty. Speaking of the Olympic Games, as far as the northern hemisphere of us, also from time to time for their own point of praise, confession of our growth and maturity". For example, when the Chinese team and the "expected" medals, was lost to reporters not to regard it as right "or" regret missing "gold in the first term, as long as the players do, it should be affirmed, but should not Jinjinjijiao medals of gain and loss, not only that, they also dug up the 1988 Olympic Games Lining defeated Seoul news review and remorse, in addition to media snobbery, we have" open ". In fact, the media may still be snobbish to cater to the audience’s psychology, in the absence of China or Chinese team won the chance to match the ginseng of smaller projects, indeed little attention. Compared with a no win game, people still prefer to see we can win the gold medal game, the audience’s attitude changed is not false, but should also admit that we now express channel after all many. The charm of sports and charm, probably lies in it by surprise. Zhang Mengxue at the Olympic Games, the first gold, took all the people caught unprepared. According to CCTV reported, when Tully "regret missing" after the first Olympic gold, many media that China shooting team has not see what, so have fought other venues; and when Zhang Mengxue won the Olympic Games women’s 10 meter air pistol gold medal, the reporters have few information about her, "a piece of A4 paper only a few lines" – was born in 1991, Shandong, 2014 joined the national team in a few words. Perhaps it is this lack of presence in front of the media, but the achievements of the cold calm calm Zhang Mengxue’s first gold. Either Tully or Zhang Mengxue lost power, won, behind the cohesion of the athletes sweat and pay. From the preparation before the game to fight in the game, the hardships and pressure, it is what we can imagine. The Olympic Games will be the most interesting person on the women’s swimming team is Fu Yuanhui, in an interview she exaggerated humor and frankness, but also let accustomed to "thank you" and "glory" large audiences everywhere "review" find everything fresh and new, her "field force" in the people over the video, for every race she participated in was full of expectations, that a few days, the medals really become less important, Fu Yuanhui the elf, all the people to participate in the Olympic joy. We have reason to believe that all players in the game, is used a "field force". In an interview with Fu Yuanhui, she mentioned in the previous three months "ghost know what I went through," I was in Australia training really is dead ", it sounds more distressed. It is to hear these words, I have won the gold medal after the athletes were pure joy, became a respect for them, on the field of each athlete is not easy. When they receive the glory and glory.相关的主题文章:

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