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Rich handsome 5 years for the 30 girlfriends feel each have adultery original title: looks like Song Seung rich handsome 5 years for the 30 reason was actually a girlfriend…… Song Seung (data map) Zhejiang 30 years old Mr. Yu, height 1.8 meters, good work, good family conditions, the most important thing is Yan value is still very high! Because it looks like South Korean star Song Seung, such a rich handsome, 5 years to make 30 girlfriends, almost a year for 6! It’s so frequent, because he has a dirty secret…… Originally, these inherent advantages in the eyes of outsiders, lies in the heart of Sir has become a burden. The girl contacted him, and he felt that the other side was coming to his strong home and good looks, not really loving him. What was most reassuring to him was that he was worried that his girlfriend was carrying him outside with other men. Because of this, he often beats and beats his girlfriend. Even normal communication seemed abnormal to him. On one occasion, Mr. Yu went to his girlfriend’s unit, and it happened that a colleague of his girlfriend was on the side. My girlfriend said to her colleague, "this is my boyfriend.". The other party saw him say "hello" and handed him a cigarette. This is a simple move, in the eyes of the husband but feel that the relationship between girlfriend and colleagues are different. The endless suspicion went to the end that his girlfriend had spoken to other men or was hit by him, and he thought they had sex. This state lasted for four or five years, with his girlfriend before and after nearly 30. He believed that his girlfriend is having an affair with another man. For every girlfriend, no reason, suspicion, beatings, at the end of his a girl did not retain. And those who had contact with the girl he started, was fooled by his appearance, the double torture later could not endure this kind of spirit and body, are far away from him. Because in the work, including contacts with people, Mr. Yu is normal, so parents began not aware of his psychological problems. Until recently, a few very dutiful girls were beaten by him, and his family found out that he was really out of the way, and finally took him to the Seventh People’s Hospital of Hangzhou. Ye Cuiwei, deputy chief physician of the hospital’s early intervention, told reporters that it was normal to talk to mr.. After the examination, he found that he had a fantasy disorder. Symptoms are jealousy. Dr. ye said, because his symptoms are single, so it is not easy to be detected. There is no conclusion about the cause of the disease in medicine, but one thing is certain, which is related to his lack of maternal love. His parents are business, accompanied by grandparents from childhood, the old people are more spoiled, become accustomed to self centered. At the moment, his symptoms are slowly improving with drug intervention and psychological intervention. Experts remind him that he will not be satisfied or he is not strong enough in his heart, and maybe he will relapse. So it’s really important to deal with healthy lifestyle and interpersonal relationships! When you are in trouble, be sure to do the right thing instead of just going to extremes. Reporter Wang Jie correspondent Jeky (Zhejiang traffic sound) responsible editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146

高富帅5年换30名女友 感觉每个都有奸情   原标题:长得像宋承宪的高富帅5年换30个女友 原因竟是…… 宋承宪(资料图)   浙江30岁的于先生,身高1.8米,工作好、家庭条件好,最重要的是颜值还很高!因长相酷似韩国明星宋承宪,这样一个高富帅,5年里交了30个女朋友,差不多一年换6个!换的这么频繁,就因为他有一个不可告人的秘密……   原来,这些在外人看来的先天优势,在于先生的心里却成为一种负担。女孩跟他交往,他觉得对方是冲着他雄厚的家世和好相貌而来,并非真心爱他。最让他放心不下的是,他担心女友在外面背着他与其他男人发生关系。正因为如此,他经常出手打骂女友。即便是正常的交往在他看来也是不正常的。   有一次,于先生去女朋友单位,碰巧女友一名男同事也在边上。女朋友跟同事介绍说,这是我男友。对方看到他说了句“你好”,还给他递了一根烟。就是这样一个简单的举动,在于先生眼里却觉得女友和同事关系不同一般。无尽的猜疑发展到最后就是,女友凡是跟别的男性说过话的或者被他撞到的,他都认为他们发生过性关系。   这样的状态持续了四五年,与他交往的女友前后有近30个。他都认为女朋友与其他男人有奸情。对每个女友都这样,无故猜疑、打骂,到最后他一个女孩都没留住。而那些与他交往过的女孩,开始是被他的外表所迷惑,后来也忍受不了这种精神和身体的双层折磨,都远离了他。   因为在工作、包括与人交往上,于先生都很正常,所以父母开始并未察觉他心理有问题。直到最近有几个很本分的女孩也被他殴打,家人才发现他是真出状况了,最后带着他来到杭州市第七人民医院。   医院早期干预专家副主任医师叶翠微告诉记者,跟于先生谈话都很正常。检查后发现,他得的是幻想性障碍。症状是嫉妒。叶医生说,因为他症状单一,所以不易被察觉。医学上对这个病因目前还没有结论,但有一点可以肯定,与他从小缺乏母爱有关。他父母是做生意的,从小跟着爷爷奶奶一起过,老人比较宠,变得习惯以自我为中心。经药物配合加心理干预,目前他的症状正在慢慢转好。   专家提醒:他以后遇到不顺心或内心不够坚强也许还会复发。所以健康的生活方式和人际关系的处理真的很重要!遇到不顺,务必要做正确对待而不是一味走极端。   记者王桔 通讯员 李彬   (浙江交通之声) 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章:

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