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Returnees regret it? Why some people are determined to return to a strong worry – a survey in 2015 showed that nearly half of the returnees are not satisfied with their work, 80% of their wages did not meet expectations. According to another survey, the same people who study abroad to complete their studies and work overseas are more satisfied with their jobs. No matter when they returned or forced most willing to choose, ever regret to return home? Why people choose to return home someone is worried that the original is the initiative to return home or passive return, which directly affects the returnees face the mentality of domestic life. Quine for Ren graduated from Belarus State University, 2005 to return to the domestic development. He has lived in Belarus for 3 years, but the idea of returning home has been very firm. "I was born in a military family, grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle are of military origin, the mother is a policeman. I grew up in such a family environment, family and family have a great influence on me." As one family atmosphere, Quine Ren had a cure deep feelings. This sentiment prompted him to return home. "There’s a country home. Returned to the motherland, for the motherland and contribute to the realization of self value. This is the most direct thought I’ve ever had." Quine Zhi Ren said. Unlike Quine treatment Ren, experienced a long and tangled hesitate in whether or not to return on the idea also changed. "Life in Australia is too easy. Choose to return home, because I do not want to live a comfortable life so lightly." Pan Min (a pseudonym) had studied at the University of South Australia, Australia, never thought of returning to the beginning of graduation, so stay in the local work for 3 years. But the simple and easy work, the slow pace of life, so that he gradually felt himself as a young man’s fighting spirit and vitality slowly subsided. "In foreign countries, it is easy to live comfortably and comfortably, but it is hard to get into the mainstream. I have done a lot of part-time work in school, after graduation, I have tried a lot of work, after which I want to live my life." Therefore, even if a lot of friends and family is difficult to understand, he eventually chose to give up the stable work back to the domestic business. Xiao Yu (a pseudonym) had studied at the University of Arizona, returned home early this year. She had the idea of immigration during the study, but in the end the idea to discuss with the family to give up. "Because the family is in the country, domestic friends are more. A person living alone in a foreign country too lonely." Return to have a period of adaptation to the work of the total return to life after returning home, may hear a lot of talk about the beginning of the adaptation. This kind of adaptation varies from person to person, but mostly due to cultural differences between China and foreign countries. The face is not to just return, part of the returnees to transform themselves, slowly accept; the other part is returned after a long time after the tangle is still difficult to lead to good habits, to integrate into the domestic environment. Returnees are satisfied with their life after returning to a large extent, will also be affected by the working conditions. Quine for Ren to return to work after 8 years of the start, start.相关的主题文章:

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