Reminder Berlin Herta 2 Bundesliga defence main injury League home court victory isobuster

Reminder: Berlin Herta 2 Bundesliga defence main injury League home court victory Bundesliga soccer forecast analysis: Berlin Herta vs start time: 2016-11-05 03:30 Borussia Berlin injury summary: Herta?   the game the team’s defensive problems, main fullback Platen Hart and defender Sebastian · Ron Camp were absent because of injury, is expected to Elia · Wei Ze will guest star fullback, and Brooks will start at centre back. ?   will improve the midfield, the main defensive midfielder Lustenberger injury, the recent player rotation stockhaus face suspension. ?   offensive wheel maintenance team, top scorer Ibievi as a single arrow. The field is favorable for the Berlin team is relatively relaxed physical fitness. Borussia?   the defensive line is still the biggest risk lies, the main defender Christensen injury, another rotation defender Dominguez, Marvin ·, Doucoure; Schultz all missed the list. ?   the main defensive midfielder midfielder Cramer Traore, injuries have been restored, the field can start the stage, the midfield crises are resolved.  ?; the biggest positive is that the offensive team, the two striker Rafael Zal, a week in the Champions League debut was recovered, is expected to start with the composition of the Hahn Trident attack. Analysis of hunting ball: Herta Berlin? Berlin Herta last season but they actually accumulated 50 in the standings in seventh place finisher, and from the fourth row of Borussia is only 5 points this season, the team accumulated 17 points ranked fifth in the league. In the last week? The German Cup second round victory over second division team Berlin Herta Pauli, the last 5 games in all competitions scored 3 wins, 2 unbeaten record. But in the last round of League? Herta, Berlin’s 0-1 loss to the Hoffenheim, the team suffered second defeats of the season. ? the game Berlin Herta home court against Borussia war, the team has to face a lot of problems, because the current array is suffering serious injuries plagued the team’s overall strength is weakened, and the striker Ibievi is in negotiations may be rare good news. ? at the beginning of the season was named the new team captain this season’s ibisevic occupation career with the spring of second, the 32 year old Bosnian striker has already scored 6 goals 3 assists, directly involved in 9 goals. ? in both absolute disadvantage of war history of Berlin team, Herta recently 7 times Borussia lost 6 games remaining and hard to find a win, averaging more than 3. ? but it is worth mentioning that the Berlin Herta home court since the League unbeaten, averaging 2 goals for the ball and have 2 games zero closure opponents, the team combat game trusted home court. Borussia Moenchengladbach? The Bundesliga outfit last season ranked fourth in the league, but they play in the stage of the start of the season is not ideal, the 9 round of the League zhanba recorded 3 wins and 3 draws and 3 defeats of the war)相关的主题文章:

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