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The regulatory requirements of control the amount of the mortgage monthly decline of Sohu do incremental news with the regulatory authorities that the real estate credit risk, banks personal housing mortgage loans or from November began to fall. The latest reporter learned from a number of banks related sources, the regulatory authorities for personal housing mortgage loans differentiated housing credit policy did not change, but compared to the previous information that lenders to verify the authenticity, while the issuance of individual housing mortgage loan volume, requires monthly incremental decline. That is to say, housing loans in November compared to October incremental lower in October than in September increased the amount and so on. Respondents said the industry, the bank will still be one of the key points of individual housing mortgage loans as a retail strategy. Next, the bank will force the consumer credit quality of listed companies, focusing on state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, excellent quality and good growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, grasp the "The Belt and Road" for the construction of national strategic opportunities. Earlier, the regulatory authorities held a meeting of commercial banks housing credit, requiring commercial banks to treat the property market, strengthen the management of housing credit, control of the relevant loan risk. A person close to the regulatory authorities said that banks need to prevent excessive expansion of real estate credit. The bank should be aimed at the aging of the population, the future of the credit crunch, real estate prices "possible in head", prospectively good risk monitoring, stress testing and risk disposal, "rainy day", to further increase the provision and enrich the capital. For some time, many of the city’s real estate market is active so that individual housing mortgage loans continued to expand. Central bank data show that the first three quarters of personal housing mortgage loans increased by $3 trillion and 630 billion, an increase of more than $1 trillion and 800 billion. Among them, in September added 475 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of more than $205 billion 500 million. Residential mortgage loans grew too fast, some areas of mortgage loans doubled than the end of last year, there are areas of mortgage loans accounted for 90% of new loans." Industry insiders pointed out that. Three quarterly reports of listed banks, the bank’s personal loan scale growth, many of which come from the rapid growth of personal housing mortgage loans. For example, CITIC Bank [-0.81% funding research report] in its quarterly results conference report, said the end of 9, CITIC Bank personal housing mortgage loans increased by $126 billion 629 million, an increase of 47.09% over the previous year. Talk about the personal housing mortgage loans attitude, CITIC Bank official stated in the three quarterly earnings conference said that the housing mortgage business is not only a long-term bank asset quality, is also an important channel to get the quality of individual customers. As one of the focus of retail strategy, I will be in line with national and local regulatory policies, to maintain the healthy development of housing mortgage business." Another interview with reporters, the bank said, part of the hot city real estate market is more active, the residents of the purchase demand, personal housing mortgage loans accounted for the scale of personal loans and advances to a higher proportion of the total. The bank will focus on support and improve the residents’ first set reasonable purchase loan demand, adhere to the high-end target customers, the steady development of individual housing mortgage loan.相关的主题文章:

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