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Regardless of the blue Committee, the green committee, came here not bow! The "Legislative Yuan" barber let the blue-green legislators have to bow in china". (the rating agency photo by Gao Yishen) the "Legislative Yuan" is Taiwan’s top legislative body, government and legislators often asked the Government Fire meeting venue overwhelming, but the hospital was a place where so many legislators who must bow, "here is the barber shop". As the "Legislative Yuan" and the barber’s barber shop, by the Department responsible for the four female barber, here in addition to shampoo, Haircut, Hair Coloring, is also the perfect place government information exchange. Legislative Yuan haircut department head asking NT $200, a new hair is asking NT $500, affordable. Legislative Yuan Barber Department has 40, 50 years of history, barber aunt who is the best witness to political change in Taiwan. From the old "legislators" and the ruling party to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party now more than half of this group, aunt served the political figures in Taiwan is absolutely the most. It is understood that here can often hear "legislators" gossip. In addition, some legislators in the act of negotiation will sometimes come here free shampoo, relax. The 22 neighbor can continue to negotiate, time-saving and convenient, but also to avoid the media press. Therefore, many of the major bills may be in the Legislative Yuan barber consultation. It is understood that the current representative on behalf of Xie Changting, former president and former president of, Su Jiaquan, who are often here before the bow hair, everyone with the feelings of the barber aunt are good. Barber shop on the table also posted the "legislators" this big picture. The rating agency said is not afraid of curiosity, also some new legislators do not know, if is wrong, so just posted a picture to show identification? Aunt proud to say, will not! Watch TV every day, legislators who came in name. (source: Chinese commentary Society), the Legislative Yuan in the Barber Department has 40, 50 years of history, barber aunt witnessed the change in Taiwan politics. (the rating agency Gao Yishen photo) a display of legislators barber shop on the table big picture book, afraid of accidentally mistaken and embarrassed. (the rating agency Gao Yishen photo) is the blue and green barber "legislators" to exchange views, political consultation good place, can avoid the media press. (Photo by Gao Yishen rating agency) the "Legislative Yuan" in the corridor corner, turn right to go in the end is the "Legislative Yuan" office. (in the assessment agency Gao Yishen photo)相关的主题文章:

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