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Health Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are rapidly be.e standard in medical practices across the country, and with good reason: they drastically cut down on paper work, reduce the chances of human error, improve overall .munications between doctors, and augment the quality of patient care. But how do you choose which of the many on the market might be right for your office? Here are some qualities to look for. Choosing Your EMR Service Carefully Will Make All The Difference — First of all, it’s important to choose an EMR service that has been in the business for a long time and can offer a guarantee. There are many fly by night software .panies who may offer a great price but whose system is substandard and inflexible. When things fall apart, as they inevitably will, you risk putting your practice in serious disarray. — Choose an EMR service that has experience developing systems for a variety of different types of practices. Solo practitioners’ needs are very different than those of a large multi-specialty group and a service that has been in business a long time will recognize this and will have already created different programs and systems to meet an individual practice’s needs. A good service will guarantee its systems in writing and will be there for the long term to back up its claims. What Should The System Contain? — The EMR system you choose should be one that sets the industry standard for ease and flexibility. How will you know? If you are a doctor working in partnership with others, you are well aware that no two doctors work exactly the same. If a provider is un.fortable with the chosen system and it does not work with his particular style, he will be unwilling to use it and the efficiency of the practice will suffer. A good system will have the flexibility to work around each doctor’s needs. — The EMR should be able to be customized to fit the applications of the practice and each user’s individual style. For example, patient notes should be able to be entered by clicking, writing, dictating, and even drawing. Versatility is key: if your office still uses paper for some record keeping, an EMR should be able to keep track of it through barcode scanning, automatic scanning, and electronic filing. Key Features Should .e Standard — One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with an EMR service is that they seldom explain the terms contained in their "fine print" upfront. A good one will offer many of the features that a practice demands without resorting to keeping the system price low then using "add-on" costs to make up the difference. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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