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Qilu pharmaceutical factory explosion continued: 7 production workshop students rotten tongue – Dong Jia Zhen in Licheng District of Ji’nan city Sohu news Qilu pharmaceutical factory gate, and the adjacent Licheng II complaints about its odor pollution for ten years. Surging news reporter Li Xuntu Qilu News Network on October 13th, more than 8 points in the evening of October 10th, Qilu pharmaceutical factory plant explosion, enterprise wastewater recovery plant recovery tank explosion occurred. This is the second in August 16th this year, the factory workshop on fire, last year after the explosion in third, the accident occurred in April 30th. The company is close to Licheng II and Dong village, in Dong Jia Zhen Center, the explosion also let Licheng II, Dong village villagers worried. To this end, Qilu pharmaceutical factory has also been carried out rectification, then the extent of the rectification of the enterprise? According to "people’s livelihood train" reported in October 10th, Qilu pharmaceutical factory explosion caused widespread concern, after, after a lapse of two days yesterday evening, the reporter got the news: Qilu pharmaceutical factory of Qilu East day and Hui Shi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. officially discontinued. A total of 7 enterprises workshop, all seals. In the whole process, and a second company Licheng Lou president and two teachers to participate in supervision. After that, they made a report to the parents of the students. Enterprises to ensure that there is no rectification, received instructions from the competent authorities, will not start production without authorization. In August 16th, the factory is the roof burst fire, but fortunately no casualties, fighting in a timely manner, the relevant departments will require pharmaceutical companies to carry out rectification and acceptance. Less than two months, the accident occurred again and again, can not help but have doubts about the supervision of the competent authorities. A Qilu pharmaceutical factory workers told reporters that the management of this enterprise is indeed a problem. Qilu pharmaceutical factory staff told reporters, when the boiler room belt, there should be two personal guard, when a person has a meal to go, the machine card, put the squeeze head. Licheng II next to Qilu pharmaceutical factory, the parents of the students their opinions on the industry, have accumulated a lot of. Parents told reporters, come and look at the child, the throat is not good to send some medicine to the child, the child returned to the mask. This is a boarding school, teachers and students in school more than 10 thousand students, parents say, live in the school, often smell the pungent smell, many children are sick. The parents said: "my child often diarrhea, often mouth ulcers, the most severe once the tongue rotten half. Appeal is to move away, and now I personally feel that what air pollution, what water pollution, in fact, this is a trivial matter, the explosion is a major event." This drug company also has been plagued by near Dong Jia Zhuang village, found the car through reporters in the village, the villagers even have their own wells, but out of the water in the well, but they did not dare to drink, just to wash clothes. Villagers told reporters, cooking, then use pure water. In order to allow the villagers to drink safe water, Dong Jia Zhuang village money in the village built a water station, after the groundwater filter, then supply the villagers drinking. Editor: last April 30th, is also the Qilu pharmaceutical factory, hair.相关的主题文章:

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