Property buyers to reduce the cost of 37 square meters of small houses without pressure

Home buyers to reduce the cost of 37 flat with no pressure of large-sized apartment houses [Abstract] more large-sized apartment houses are loved by young people, a small world of their own, coupled with low price, let you find the warmth of home. North Tongzhou 8080 (real estate information) 37, 47, 57 large-sized apartment real estate news Tencent is located in Tongzhou North 8080 bridge 800 meters north of Deng Jia Yao, school supplies line 6 Metro station. Currently there are no listings in the sale of North 8080. The rest of the remaining houses for the west side of the building 14 and building 11, 7, 10, building 15 and building No. 16. Opening time to be determined, is expected in October 2016. The 8080 north project building 14, apartment layout main 80-107 square meters, 1 staircase 3 households; the price to be determined, September 30, 2016 fine decoration, hardcover standard 3000 yuan square meters, property for 50 years. Property fee: 3.85 yuan square meters * month. The North has been opened in March 25, 2016 8080 Building No. 4 West Building 37, 47, 57 – and large-sized apartment building 14, building 89, 107 east half large-sized apartment, the opening price of 28000 yuan square meters, 4.5 meters height is Loft, also has a flat layer. > > > join the Tencent Beijing Tongzhou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 127716308 see details north of 8080 large-sized apartment is not limited to the purchase of real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 to 610590 North 8080 projects total construction area of about 110 thousand square meters, is 40, 50 years of property rights is not limited to purchase products, located in Chaoyang Road north extension line, adjacent to the school supplies line 6 subway station, around with a dense road network, traffic is convenient at the same time, Chang Ying, sitting on the green two district, diversified lifestyle, the surrounding large commercial facilities, bilingual kindergarten, supermarkets, hospitals, parks and other facilities, and travel to Goods are available in all varieties. project is adjacent to the Wenyu River, and more line of the river overlooking the fundus, regardless of location or natural resources, north of 8080 will be 2014 Chaoyang the only road in the sale of the scarcity of high-quality projects. "" "" "click to view the North 8080 comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Abstract: small Huxing housing is more popular with young people, their own small world, coupled with a lower total price, so that you find the warmth of home. Fangshan opened the first · Xi Yue Wan (real estate information) apartment layout area of 50 flat, 57 flat, 63 square, 83 square loft Tencent real estate news first · Xi Yue Bay is located in Fangshan District Changyang subway station on the south side of 50 meters. The first Xi Yue Wan two No. 8 floor C block in the sale. Two building C block, a total of 5 layers, the ladder of 12 households; Huxing area of 50 square meters, 57 square meters, 63 square meters, 83 square meters loft, 4.2 meters high, the price of 28000-30000 yuan per square meter. 50 flat total price of 1 million 400 thousand sets, down payment of 700 thousand. Project property fee: 3.8 square meters * month. May 30, 2017 rough submitted, 50 years of property rights. Tencent, Beijing, Fangshan.相关的主题文章:

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