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Preview: opening afternoon nets debut Howe harden to destroy the rate of rockets Lakers sports Sohu in Beijing on October 26th news, NBA regular season continues, the following is part of events tomorrow Prospect: Lakers vs rockets (10:30) rocket tomorrow will be away to the Lakers, this is also the season opener, 2015-16 regular season teams 4 meetings, the Rockets swept the Lakers score 4-0. For now the Rockets, the leader – James Harden’s performance directly to the team’s victory or defeat. Harden has always been the top scoring ability, and now, he wants to become the commander in chief of the DAntoni system in the allocation of the offensive, to lead the Rockets back to the peak. This means that harden will likely debut single occupation career assists per game in double. In the season 6 season in the first season, harden averaged 10.7 assists. Tomorrow against the Lakers, also need to fully play to harden the Rockets, occupation career against the Lakers, harden averaged 22.8 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists, and the last time against the Lakers, harden audience off 40 points and 13 assists to help the Rockets to beat the Lakers 130-110. Of course, the Rockets come up with good results, or the need for other players to perform well, at the same time they have to play a better defense. Now, they lack the two generals, one is Beverly, because he was injured in the knee surgery, at least a truce 4-6 weeks. Another is Motiejunas, he failed to negotiate a contract with the rockets. You know, Beverly has been responsible for the task of defending their elite defender in the past, Westbrook, curry, Paul, Lillard et al., when the Rockets met these backcourt players, defensive task falls on Beverly’s body, but Beverly now injury, which greatly reduces the intensity of rocket defense. In the 7 game of the season, the Rockets had only one game in which they were limited to a single point in the last 2 games, one of which was the CBA Shanghai sharks. If the Rockets want to become a better team in the west, then they must be continuous in the defensive end, everyone needs to do their job, the team needs the line outside the defensive pressure, protection rebounds etc. better. In contrast, the Lakers, the purple army has entered the post Kobe era, they did not perform well in the preseason, just won 2 wins and 6 negative bad record, with a streak of 5 into the new season regular season. Despite the continuous lose, but the Lakers don’t value them, because they arrange many preseason games in order to give players more real opportunities through the game can be familiar with Walton’s tactical system and prepare for the regular season. Coach Walton also said that the overall performance of the team in the preseason is still quite satisfactory. Russell, Randall Ingram, these young players shoulder the future of the team, especially Russell will play a more important role. In the 8 preseason games for the Lakers, Russell averaged a total of 17.8 points and 5.4 assists in the fight against the Rockets相关的主题文章:

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