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Sports-and-Recreation There is a lot more to a professional golfer than just being good at golf. If you are starting to aim for a career in the sport and you are of school leaving (i.e. GCSE) age, you might want to think about attending a golf academy to hone your skills and learn more about how to play in the real world. Careers in golf span a wide range of locations and niches within the industry. So learning what our opportunities are is vital if youre going to carve a paying way for yourself. It is also vital to continue to grow academically, with golfing qualifications and sport science qualifications swelling your potential earning power once you leave the golf academy. So in addition to high level practical golf tuition with a range of qualified coaches and physical training experts helping you to expand your skills and be.e the most effective player you can be, you should be learning how to promote yourself, how to run a business, and how to deal with the vagaries of travel for match play and golf related employment. To this end a golf academy develops a rigorously structured programme of learning and practice. Perhaps more importantly than this, an academy gives you the opportunity to interact with people who may be useful in your career later, helping you to find positions in the golfing industries once you have graduated. Not everyone who attends a golf academy will go on to be.e a Ryder Cup winner so a key part of your time is spent learning what other options are available to you. You may be.e interested in golfing equipment and move on to work in the design or retail side of the industry there. Or you might find that training is your passion. Every academy and every top player need their coaches after all and one of the major job opportunities for someone graduating from a golf academy with the right qualifications in sport science and training, is to be.e a trainer themselves. It is a myth that you need a specific handicap to be eligible for golf academy – for these specific reasons. The academy is not there only to churn out world class golfers. It is there primarily to prepare young people for a range of careers in the game. What you will need is a decent level for your age and a realistic view of your golfing expectations. A golf academy will give you two years to work on your game, so if you have the passion, the drive and a decent level to begin with you are sure to end up playing at a very good level. And with a career ahead of you in the sport you love too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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