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Hilary won the election vote soon the possibility for 90%- Sohu news local time November 7th polls forecast, Republican presidential candidate Trump in an election campaign. Hilary, China’s Democratic presidential candidate, in a church in Pennsylvania, November 6th. To investigate the new mail in overtime, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) 6, decided to maintain the July for the first time after the investigation of the conclusion is unchanged, there is no evidence that Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and his assistant? Intended to break the law, not to the United States Department of Justice recommended "mail" incident prosecution Hilary. Before the US presidential election, only 2 days, the Republican candidate Donald? Trump and Hilary everywhere, the last time for voters. To maintain the original FBI conclusion: "we do not change the conclusions of the July" FBI director James? 6, sent a letter to the U.S. Congress senior Komi, announced the findings. The letter said, "round the clock" investigators reviewed the new mail all send or receive email from Hilary, "we do not change the conclusions reached in July". Hilary in March last year by the U.S. media exposed the use of private servers to send and receive e-mail service as secretary of state. Shortly after she announced her candidacy for president in April last year, FBI launched an investigation into the mail portal. In July this year, Hilary said that she Komi behavior and senior assistant handle confidential government was "extremely sloppy", but there is no evidence of the offence of intentional, not recommended to the Ministry of justice to prosecute Hilary. The United States Attorney Loretta? Lynch then announced the wrong Hilary sue. However, from day 11 days in October 28th, when Komi announced an investigation into "the mail door" restart. The reason is in investigation, former congressman Hilary aide Hu? Aberdeen’s husband Anthony Weiner? Suspected to underage girl sending pornography case, federal investigators found some "Hilary mail door" new mail related investigation. Republican Mengpi Hilary always according to their own rules "Hilary communications campaign manager Jennifer Parr Meyer in 6? FBI welcomed the findings. She said: "we are pleased that the matter has been resolved." Hilary, who attended the rally in Ohio with basketball star Lebron, did not mention the incident in. Attend the meeting in Minnesota and Michigan, Trump continue to "mail door" attack Hilary corrupt and untrustworthy, said she is a fraud protection system, but even after being elected president, will remain under investigation. He said: "Hilary Clinton is guilty, she knows, FBI knows that people know…… Now rely on the people of the United States in November 8th to the polling station to justice." Digital Republican heavyweights continue to mail door event Hilary. Former U.S. House Speaker Newt? Gingrich questioned the independence of investigation, "said Komi must have huge political pressure, she will相关的主题文章:

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