Pig farm recycling bottle packing box blending high-grade wine 5 people jailed for news – Sohu darren hayes

Pig farm recycling bottle packing box blending "high-grade wine" 5 people jailed for news – Sohu originally run farms, but in order to get more money from a couple of Henan dry up a rush into danger, blending, sale of fake liquor. Recently, Xi’an city Changan District court together with the production and sale of counterfeit goods case, 5 people involved in the trial were jailed. Inferior wine package as "high-end wine sales Wang party a couple is Henan Zhoukou people, in 2010 began to do on pig farms in Changan District Dayao street, they often stayed in the city of Xi’an restaurant leftovers, leftovers and pigs and also acquired bottles, boxes and other packaging waste. Since then, a man named old (unidentified) people to farm recycling high-grade wine bottles, packing box and packing box etc.. Wang two couples and old conversation, that he is to close the bottle packing box, packaging liquor blending, he had proposed to let Wang in a party, but was rejected. 2013, the party a car accident requires a lot of medical expenses, and in order to facilitate their children to school, Wang will be moved to the pig farm town of Changan District Street office, but after the benefits are getting worse. In order to make more money, Wang and his wife began to help old wine blending. At first, he put to Dangjiu Wang pig, Wang couple old he taught in accordance with the method of blending alcohol, each 250 yuan to Wang couple. In this way, Wang couple tasted the sweetness, they gradually satisfied piecework income. In August 2013, Wang and his wife started her own company, through the hotel, hotel, wine, wine bottle recycling boxes and other materials, from where to buy the old bottle, and contact the "wild advertising" Sike "Changan", "Weinan", "Chong Sheng" seal seal, "really package" will be low inferior the liquor disguised as "high-grade liquor sales. Black box 345 old workshop seized pseudo Wang farms into black workshop, he according to the market demand for production, Wang couple blending fake liquor to "Wuliangye" and "Guojiao 1573" and a variety of high-grade liquor. With the increasing of black workshop production, Party A makes rag sister party and her husband Lee Moumou (at large) to join her black workshop, responsible for cleaning repair to purchase wine bottles and packaging box. Subsequently, Wang, Chen pingmou hire cleaning bottle, paste seals, cleaning repair wine, packaging boxes, Wang, Party A is responsible for the blending of wine, wine filling and sales. In December 11th last year, according to the masses of Changan police investigated and dealt with the black workshop, Wang, Party A, pingmou, Chen was arrested on the spot. Three days later, a certain party has also been arrested, but Lee escaped. Police in Wang’s farm and its storage and shoddy liquor "XX omnivorous store, seized" country kiln 1573 "," Wuliangye "fake liquor total 345 cases, involving up to 366 thousand yuan. Five defendants appealed against the verdict recently, the Changan District court heard the case publicly. The court held that, Wang, Party A, party, pingmou, Chen in the absence of production qualification and production conditions, the production of alcohol, his behavior constituted the production of fake or substandard products; among them, Wang, Party A to play the main Qian相关的主题文章:

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