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People’s daily on Environmental Protection Bureau scapegoat "theory: for concerted efforts, the Hubei channel, original title: People’s daily on Environmental Protection Bureau scapegoat" theory: for concerted efforts of environmental protection problem of the playing board who (ecological Lunyuan) Sun Xiuyan – associated with the improvement of the system, if there are similar Anyang "pollution siege" accountability, who is responsible, who should step down without controversy. We not only hope that environmental protection is a problem that the board who hit him, hope all departments work together, everyone involved in environmental public governance and sharing situation to form the Henan provincial media recently, an article entitled "Anyang" pollution problem is still outstanding "siege" reported, down to Anyang by touch. In September 13th, Anyang’s districts and counties with prominent environmental problems were instructed to write a profound inspection by the Party committee and the government, and the related processes were subsequently carried out according to the progress of the Discipline Inspection Committee. As a result, the director of environmental protection in Anyang was suspended, and a wide range of social concerns had been triggered at a time. For the Environmental Protection Bureau grievance: environmental protection is a systematic project, involving many fields, involving a wide range, the media exposure of the road dust, eliminate backward production capacity is not timely, coal dust, open dumps superovulation, respectively, belong to the jurisdiction of the city management, reform, development, environmental protection, Ministry of a single department, the environmental protection bureau carry out punishment "in public" is unfair. Some people said that environmental protection bureau should be punished: Environmental Protection Bureau is a local environmental management is the highest responsible person, even if the problem is in charge of the area of various departments, but reflects the absence of environmental regulation, the Secretary has remiss performance problems, not only to be accountable, but also under the ruthless hand, a punch. The sounds are justified each one sticks to his argument. I do not want to judge who is more reasonable, but gratifying to have such a debate. In the past, there seems to be no debate at all. Most people think that environmental protection is one of the environmental protection departments. Under this concept, the environmental protection department if the eight party is also bound to parry them, sometimes have to "scapegoat for others". A cadre of environmental protection take environmental protection, side Paul "post, how can you do it well intentnesses work? Today, although the party with responsibility, environmental protection departments bear its responsibility the concept has not been popular, but in the government departments at all levels of environmental protection, never mind with me "the wrong idea is reversed. The purpose of environmental protection work is to improve the quality of the environment and ensure the safety and health of the people’s survival and development. As a public servant, no matter which department, it has the responsibility to work hard for this goal. It must be pointed out that at present, the inertia and inertia of some departments still exist, and the sense of responsibility for environmental protection is still far from the reality. To solve this problem, we should strengthen environmental protection supervision on the one hand and implement the environmental protection responsibility of the Party committee government and related departments on the other hand. The newly released "on the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform pilot work guidance", has a prescription to solve these problems, strengthen the responsibility of environmental protection of the local Party committee and government and relevant departments to become one of the highlights. "The implementation of the local Party committee and government on the ecological environment responsibility requirements" and "development must be environmental protection pipe pipe, pipe production must be environmentally friendly, the formation of concerted efforts in the work, unity, development and environmental protection to promote each other," the statement that the requirements of various departments should not only their own good sweep the snow in front of the door also, to become environmental allies. Of course, the implementation of responsibility also depends on strict assessment and accountability system. I believe that with the improvement of relevant systems, the responsibilities of all parties will be more clear. If there is another accountability event like "pollution Besieged" in Anyang, who has responsibilities and who should go out of office is not at all controversial. We hope not only to have problems in environmental protection, but also to know who the board should play, and we hope that all sectors will take concerted efforts to manage the environment and share public participation. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)

人民日报谈“环保局长背锅”论:盼齐抓共管–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:人民日报谈“环保局长背锅”论:盼齐抓共管   环保出问题 板子该打谁(生态论苑)   孙秀艳   ■随着相关制度的完善,如果再出现类似安阳“污染围城”问责事件,谁有责任、谁该下台根本无需争论。我们不仅希望环保出了问题知道板子该打在谁身上,更盼望各部门齐抓共管、公众人人参与的环保共治、共享的局面早日形成   最近,河南省属媒体一篇题为《安阳“污染围城”问题依旧突出》的报道,让安阳上下备受触动。9月13日,安阳市对环保问题比较突出的区县,责成党委政府写出深刻检查,相关处理随后根据纪委的工作进展情况进行。安阳市环保局长因此被停职,一时间引发广泛社会关注。   有人为这位环保局长鸣不平:环保是个系统工程,牵扯领域多,涉及范围广,这次媒体曝光的道路扬尘、落后产能淘汰不及时、散煤露天堆放、烟尘超排等问题,就分别属于城市管理、发展改革、工信、环保等多个部门的管辖范围,单把环保局长拎出来处分“示众”,有失公允。   有人则表示环保局长就应该被处分:环保局长是一个地方的环保管理最高负责人,即使问题出在各个不同部门的分管领域,但反映的是环保监管的缺位,局长就有怠于履职的问题,不仅要追责,而且要下狠手、出重拳。   双方各执一词,听上去都不无道理。笔者并不想评判谁说的更在理,却为有这样的争论感到欣喜。   以往,似乎根本无需争论,绝大多数人认为抓环保当然是环保部门一家的事。在这样的观念之下,环保部门纵使八方招架也难免独木难支,有时还不得不替别人“背锅”。环保干部一面抓环保,一面保“乌纱帽”,又如何能做到心无旁骛地搞好工作?   如今,虽然环保党政同责、有关部门各担其责的观念尚未深入人心,但在各级政府部门,“环保跟我没关系”的错误观念正在扭转。环保工作的目的是提升环境质量,保障百姓生存发展的安全与健康。作为人民公仆,无论哪个部门,都有责任为这个目标付出努力。必须指出,当前,一些部门的惯性与惰性依然存在,主动抓环保的责任意识与现实要求还相去甚远。   解决这个问题,就要一方面加强环保监管,另一方面落实党委政府以及相关部门的环保责任。   刚刚出台的《关于省以下环保机构监测监察执法垂直管理制度改革试点工作的指导意见》,已针对这些问题开出药方,强化地方党委和政府及其相关部门的环境保护责任成为其一大亮点。“落实地方党委和政府对生态环境负总责的要求”“管发展必须管环保,管生产必须管环保,形成齐抓共管的工作格局,实现发展与环境保护的内在统一、相互促进”,这样的表述要求各部门不仅要自己扫好门前雪,也要成为环保的同盟军。   当然,责任落实还要依靠严密的考核、追责制度。相信随着相关制度的完善,各方的责任会更明晰,如果再出现类似安阳“污染围城”问责事件,谁有责任、谁该下台根本无需争论。我们不仅希望环保出了问题知道板子该打在谁身上,更盼望各部门齐抓共管、公众人人参与的环保共治、共享的局面早日形成。 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章:

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