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"Tong town history" — a Book promoting local culture – Sohu news Qianlong news events of the past, home with a unique accent, nostalgia, nostalgia Xiang appearance, constitute the life we cannot let go of worry. Now, this piece of land where we are, from thousands of years ago in Yunmeng began carrying through Haikou Ze period ancestors activities, experience the vicissitudes, Things change here from floods, have gradually become a prosperous business now trade center. Tonghaikou has had a remarkable history, but due to various reasons, left to the text data is very scarce. We are fortunate to witness the "past" Tong Zhen published today, this is a big thing for many years, the development of cultural undertakings in Haikou on a milepost event, for each of us tonghaikou people celebrate the pleasure, is a blessing. This book, "the story, back memories of the way about the old Haikou vita, covering the old Haikou from late Yuan to 1956 period of political, military, history, economy and trade, agriculture, transportation, medical, education, literature and art, folk customs, etc., to reproduce the know Haikou, old street,". In the past a number of meanders, the reader can feel a footprint on the road, familiar with the old stove dependence on river boats on firewood love, to give up on the hawker lane…… Tonghaikou, is full of people a sincere heart of the homeland. It is easy to change rivers, so it is hard to find, another batch of tonghaikou people carrying a precious memory gone, but yet, through Haikou thirty or forty people who worked after eight years, several drafts, completed the "past" Tong Zhen preparation, let tonghaikou successfully presented in the memoir the home crowd and the vast majority of readers. We tonghaikou people finally have a common memories and feelings of the time of bearing platform. This is engraved in the book of "Hometown", will not because of the passage of time, things change over and forgotten, but will not let the younger generation as far away from home and home apart. Dozens of contributors of the book, although most did not, there is no high literature accomplishment, but with sincere emotion records on themselves or around the past, uttering the truth, touching sentence. Each of them to the home or sporadic or relatively complete memories, together we restore a basic real old Haikou. Mr. Tong Zhenguo is my teacher. This is a feeling of the works, the record is an era of emotion. In the past of the town, there are several articles about the memory of the mother river Tongzhou river. In Mr. Xiong Jingchuan’s memories, every summer evening, the bridge of the residents can be really good. "After dinner, a bath, a Zhang Zhu bed, a roll of bamboo seats, can enjoy the cool air on the bridge. The river wind blows, the night mosquitoes don’t bother, both comfortable and cool, it is immortal life, kids show each other by diving, and hiding in Mongolia, the cat climbed the mast. Although I am not tonghaikou, did not live in the Tongzhou River, but the scene in my childhood deja vu, when no fan and air conditioning, every evening, every family will gather together to enjoy the cool air.相关的主题文章:

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