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Open the passenger luggage compartment filled with seafood, dove, dog, rabbit (Figure) – Beijing – reporter Chen Haidong correspondent Chen Xiuwen Fuzhou evening news photo the bus seat to sit, but filled with goods; don’t put the luggage in the luggage compartment, but filled with seafood, dove, dog, rabbit etc.. Fuzhou high-speed traffic police with two off a dangerous (i.e. travel car, more than three types of line bus and hazardous goods vehicles) special rectification, in Shen expressway toll station, Lianjiang Mawei action service area, found a variety of bus laden chaos. Yesterday at 1:50 in the morning, Shen Hai high-speed service area of Lianjiang A Road, Fuzhou high-speed traffic police brigade two continuous stopped two Jiangsu bus bound for Fujian Shishi, open the luggage compartment, only to see the white foam box full. High speed traffic police, one of which is filled with luggage, more than and 700 kg. Another passenger luggage compartment, all packaged electrical accessories, there are five hundred or six hundred kg. The passengers’ luggage was piled up on the passenger aisle or on the seat. Check the police two high-speed traffic police brigade introduction, 26 on the morning of 11 pm, a bus bound for Weifang Shandong Shishi in Masson toll station was stopped to check. There are only a dozen passengers in the car, but all the seats are stacked on the passenger’s luggage, while others are tied to the luggage rack. Then the police asked the driver to open the luggage compartment, the result is: more than and 40 white foam box be startled at the luggage packed, the driver admitted that the foam box is full of Shandong to Masson seafood. The door opened, also came a dog barking, and "cuckoo" sounds, the original is a few pet dog, and dove, rabbit……" Police said, the police made a deduction, ordered to discharge transport processing, then the driver fined 1000 yuan. According to reports, from August 22nd to yesterday, a total of two high-speed passenger cars were investigated illegal cargo from the 12. According to van major security incidents occurred recently, our province traffic police departments to carry out focusing on the "two crises" special rectification. Fuzhou high-speed traffic police, bus loading mainly has these risks: first, the weight of the goods are much larger than the weight of the passengers, will affect the normal running of passenger cars, including braking and turning, increase the risk and security risks; secondly, the mix of people and goods, can not be fixed in the luggage, the vehicle braking will be dangerous; finally, using the driver of bus loading, often blocked vehicle safety door and the safety channel, can not lead to timely evacuation of passengers in distress, and cause serious consequences. Therefore, the "road traffic safety law" on passenger cars to do a prohibitive provisions. The police also suggest that passenger vehicles can not exceed the maximum value of the cargo passenger luggage compartment, passenger luggage compartment for more than the maximum allowable weight of cargo and passenger transport of dangerous goods and passenger cabin take illegal goods, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "road traffic safety law" article ninety-second, impose a fine on passenger vehicle drivers, and ordered the driver unloading transport, and informed the road transport management institution for processing.相关的主题文章:

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