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Overseas Chinese media like the Three Gorges Project: a symbol of national greatness and confident new agency in Yichang – new network in September 20, (Guo Xiaoying Liang Ting) 82 year old Chen Shuoqin 20, the first time I saw the Three Gorges Dam, round the dream of many years, the taste of the beauty of the Pinghu gorge, he lamented: "all say high gorge Pinghu is a picturesque, it is victory." The United States is Shuoqin Zhen Alberta "times" is the president of China to attend the overseas Chinese media in Hubei "one of the members of the delegation. The same day, the mainstream Chinese media from five continents, 19 countries visited the Three Gorges Project interview, a comprehensive understanding of the overall benefits of the project. Journalists and his entourage went to the exhibition hall, the Three Gorges project, the Three Gorges power station plant nursery center, the Chinese sturgeon Research Institute and the Three Gorges Dam Guanzhuang, listened to the introduction on the general situation, the Three Gorges project project benefit, make in-depth understanding of the Three Gorges Project in ecological protection efforts and results of new rural construction in Three Gorges Dam area. Three Gorges group of experts interviewed by the media raised questions on the media to give a detailed answer. Shuoqin Zhen said, the Three Gorges project is the symbol of the Chinese nation power and confidence of a large project every one should understand all the children of the Yellow Emperor, overseas Chinese media have the responsibility to report objectively the Three Gorges project, a real project to show the world. "Three Gorges Project for the benefit of the people, we should be realistic and objective reporting of the Three Gorges project." "Sino Australian times" China Chairman Su said, the Three Gorges Project in-depth interview deeply, especially the implementation process, the nationalization of the large unit is shocking, there are too many touching stories can be told to the overseas chinese. "The Japanese students" news deputy editor Long Lihua will be the trip called "witness" tour, she said, 2005, 2008, she had two times to the Three Gorges, now after a lapse of 8 years, the Three Gorges project has been "ending", and to perfect image of the show, she was very excited and happy. (end)相关的主题文章:

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