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Internet-Marketing What you need to ensure is that you continue to maintain and build on that connections in your opt-in email marketing, as time goes on. Remember the core of opt-in email marketing success is the phrase expose, involve, and upgrade. Remember that every time people interact with your marketing messages, that counts an exposure. People may need a number of exposures to want to involve themselves more in the process. Make sure your .munications are quality content and offers, and are targeted to the shoes that the prospect is standing in, right now. Not necessarily where you are, and that’s so important. Realize that there are hot topics floating around in your niche, and there are probably about 5 top questions or concerns that revolve in the minds of 80% your prospect base. How can you find out what’s hot in the minds or your base? There are two main ways. First, poll them and ask them through surveys like Polldaddy.. or Surverymonkey… Another great way is to create a personal and warm video which introduces yourself and provides the opportunity for them to .municate those top concerns to you, in exchange for a small bonus (which costs you little). Get creative- just remember the overall aim is for you to provide rewards for people who do the actions you want to encourage, in this case providing information. Now you have a solid base for knowing what content and related offers are going to hit the nail on the head for your customer base. Then, couple the power of this with selling via education- in these related sub-topics you’ve found through your research. Once you’ve found around 3 hot sub-topics for the month, do a bit of groundwork and network with peers to find highly converting offers of value around these sub-topics. To increase the effectiveness of these mini-campaigns, remember to educated first which will need to many more sales. You can then tie in the resource in on the tail-end of the education. Great ways to create this value fast is to record short instructional videos using screen recording software (just make sure to show yourself sometimes- you’re a real person!) and then put the relevant links at the bottom of the page. Build trust at every opportunity and continue the dialogue, never wavering from the overall promise made when they first initiated the relationship. This moves them ever closer to that place of trust, and is the essence of expose, involve and upgrade. They will naturally upgrade their .mitment level through the process and change from subscribers to buyers and then habitual buyers, as they upgrade themselves through the process. Apply these techniques and they’ll naturally upgrade themselves from subscribers through to buyers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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