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Japanese media commentary: "the water faucet open gas patriotic" is a new social network event – in view of "negative assets drain patriotic" negative assets "society 918" incident 85 anniversary, a commercial real estate a write full exclamation mark micro-blog let public opinion raged. On this day, he said: I have been to Japan, but it does not need to include any of the products! In Japan, the hotel is small to tap open, still feel!" Own recognition of the villain move, at this time seems to be advertised patriot medal. What is worse, many netizens also point praise: "do not forget national humiliation, national front on what quality?" Some people claim that they have a public toilet Tokyo toilet seat are quietly broken. I can understand the emotional expression of the businessman, but never dare to praise in any way. It is often said that one thing, some extreme words, especially in the early childhood. The businessman was not stupid enough to think that these words would have a practical effect, as he said, "it’s no use! I have to go to the gas!" I don’t believe he never Japanese, netizens have found him, in a photo on her wrist is precisely the Japanese watch. It seems that "no patriotic declaration of Japanese" this type of anger, almost childish level primary school pupils "pulling his car valve core", actually pulled out not only the parties know. Extreme words and deeds of a mature society will try to correct the ignorance of children, and not to the point of praise and encouragement. In any country, there are many ways of patriotism. However, football hooligans arena fights are not the same, violence, enthusiasm, waste which country water is wicked, not patriotic. This is the water of patriotism". "918" is the national humiliation day Chinese. Every year we mention this scar, in order not to forget the history, facing the future, shame yong. In a sneaky way to the toilet mat neighbor waste points without tap water or broken family from shame and shame Yong difference one hundred and eight thousand. China is more and more deeply involved in the trend of internationalization, the younger generation to enjoy the Japanese animation with Apple products, compared with the previous, more and more young people have more exchanges with foreign friends. But the network public opinion field, or a "Sino Japanese War" sinking of Japan. "" "9? 11" terrorist attacks is really cheerful "these words. Even a modest comment, too thin stereotype — "Korea" and "Japs"…… In the anti fascist war memorial day, such remarks more boisterous. How strange. The peace of the beneficiaries, in order to declare to the peacemaker respect, strongly expressed on conflict expectations. It seems that there are two kinds of life: one is the meeting of the individual and the individual, and the other is the friendship, and the other side, when it touches some of the grand words, suddenly becomes a person. It’s like the Hulk, which is both a curse and a privilege to destroy. "Do not forget national humiliation" is such a grand words. History cannot be changed. The shadow of the war相关的主题文章:

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