Only 50 days from retirement, Panan old traffic police sacrificed in the post on duty winfast

Only 50 days away from retirement, Panan old traffic police sacrificed on duty, September 23rd, from the police 33 years of Jinhua Panan traffic police Lu Guangming in the implementation of official duties unfortunate sacrifice, from his retirement only 50 days. On the same day at 13:30 PM, Lu Guangming and colleagues near the villages in Panan County town of Inchon village under the cold sand line sections of the implementation of key time control of the road, set up Chajiu serious traffic violations, was knocked down a small truck escape inspection, was seriously wounded. 15:15, by the hospital to rescue invalid, unfortunately for business sacrifice. Lu Guangming, 60 years old, returned to Panan from the army in 1982, and entered the public security work in 1984. From the police 33 years ago, he served as the deputy chief of the Public Security Bureau of Panan County Public Security Bureau, the detention center instructor, and repeatedly won the county and city advanced individuals. By the provincial public security department awarded 30 years from the police "cornerstone honor badge"". In September 21st, he was selected as the candidate of "faith Jinhua · most dedicated police". From the middle position back Lu Guangming, 2006 after the traffic police brigade, has been patrolling the squadron line duty. Work conscientiously, regardless of wind and rain, cold and hot summer, Lao Lu and his young colleagues 30 years of age together "fight", peak duty, check violations, investigate drunk driving, eliminate hidden dangers…… Guarding the mountain city road safely and smoothly. Lu Guangming fixed the last moment of his life on his post, and explained the loyalty and persistence to the police profession. Old Lu, go all the way!

距离退休仅50天 磐安老交警牺牲在执勤岗位上9月23日,从警33年的金华磐安交警卢光明在执行公务时不幸牺牲,距离他退休仅50天。当天13时30分许,卢光明与同事在磐安县冷沙线仁川镇下村自然村附近路段执行重点时段路面管控,设卡查纠严重交通违法行为时,被逃避检查小型货车撞倒,身负重伤。15时15分,经医院全力抢救无效,不幸因公牺牲。今年60岁的卢光明, 1982年从部队转业回磐安,1984年进入公安工作,从警33年来,他先后担任磐安县公安局治安科副科长、看守所指导员,多次获得县、市先进个人。被省公安厅授予从警30年“基石荣誉章”。 9月21日,入选“信义金华·最敬业民警”候选人。从中层岗位退下来的卢光明,2006年调交警大队后,一直在巡逻中队一线执勤。工作兢兢业业,无论刮风下雨,严寒酷暑,老卢每天和小他30岁的年轻同事一起“战斗”,高峰执勤、查纠违章、查处酒驾、消除隐患……用心守护山城道路平安畅通。卢光明将生命的最后一刻定格在岗位上,诠释了对警察职业的忠诚和坚守。老卢,一路走好!相关的主题文章:

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