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Photography Science and Technology have revolutionized the whole world and have made our lives more hi-tech and technology buffed in every aspect. There were times when we relied on traditional photography with the help of old-age cameras, then with the advent of digital cameras, we are able to click photographs with higher quality and better prints. With the help of Internet, we can share photos online with our near and dear ones. The process mainly deals with the exchange or sharing of our digital pictures with others. We can even upload and save them in our photo galleries on different websites dealing with these activities. With the help of applications like sideshows and thumbnails, it convenient for the viewer to watch it with more clarity and with good quality. These are mainly popular among youngsters who mainly indulge themselves in online chatting and scrapping. Some social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut etc. deal with such activities where one can easily .municate with others, share one’s views, makes friendship and even share personal photos and videos. We mainly share photos online through E-mails or through any chat messengers like yahoo, gmail etc. Sharing photos online mainly deals with sharing digital photographs, scanned photographs, hand drawn paintings and sketches. The image sharing job is not only confined for personal use but .mercially this job is done mainly for promoting different products of various .panies. These sites can be surfed free of cost but they manly deal with image sharing. These paid-sites offer monthly or annual subscriptions to the customers who can use these sites for image sharing, video sharing etc. YouTube is one of the most popular website dealing with these things. With the help of these services, we can even order for the digital prints of our photos, thus saving us time and money and we can even get prints of higher quality. With the help of high speed broad bands, the consumer can share photos and videos without any intermediate media or central service. Sometimes, with the lack of backup the photos may be erased but usually they get stored in the photo galleries and they can be further used in future. We share photos online with the help of selected URLs that many web browsers provide. Many websites follow the rule of taxonomy and specific albums are created which include photos based on different categories. For example when we browse on Google or Yahoo, we can simply specify the category and get a wide range of photos and can then share them accordingly. Sharing of photos is mainly done by youngsters who believe in online friendship and thus can strengthen their relation with a vivid knowledge about the concerned person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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