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Next weekend, the 2016 Taizhou international marathon runners will have ten thousand contestants in November last year, the first Taizhou marathon start firing, at home and abroad to attract more than 10 thousand people participating, the people of Taizhou for the first time at home to feel the charm of the marathon, for this year’s Taizhou marathon of people full of expectations. Yesterday, the reporter from the 2016 Taizhou International Marathon Organizing Committee report on preparations for the meeting was informed that the 2016 Taizhou International Marathon project is divided into male and female Marathon (42.195 km), male and female half marathon (21.0975 km) and mini Marathon (6 km). Among them, male and female citizens group will be full and half. 2016 Taizhou International Marathon Organizing Committee responsible person, as of now, the registration and examination of athletes has been completed, a total of ten thousand participants. In the 1500 full marathon, half marathon 3500, mini marathon 5000. Including Japan, Greece, Canada, Spain, Denmark and other 12 countries, 40 foreign athletes. Reporters learned that the current marathon prize is very rich. Marathon champion bonus 50 thousand, half marathon champion bonus 10 thousand yuan; the public group marathon champion bonus 5000 yuan, the public group half marathon champion bonus 3000 yuan. In the course of the game, there will be a more professional medical team and logistics team to provide services for athletes, the current group has implemented 1400 youth volunteers. The starting point of the track from the start, every 5 kilometers away from the distance will be set up a beverage station, the middle of the water station in the middle of the establishment of drinking water or water stations in the 25 km after the establishment of a certain amount of energy supply station two. City Health and Family Planning Commission of Medical Administration medical management office director Hu Fuyu told reporters, from the starting point, every 2.5 kilometers to set up a fixed point of care; a flow of medical volunteers set up each 200 meters; every 4 kilometers 1 ambulances parked, full and half marathon each follow 1 mobile ambulance, emergency command car 1 a total of 11 ambulances. In addition, according to Hu Fuyu introduction, Taizhou Enze Medical Center Hospital, Taizhou Central Hospital, Taizhou Hospital, Enze for the marathon emergency hospitals, bear rescue critically wounded. Reporters learned that the 2016 Taizhou International Marathon in 9 days time, the Organizing Committee in goods distribution, equipment installation, atmosphere arrangement, the opening and closing ceremonies of the organization at the same time, also need to be leak filled, found the problem immediately rectification perfect.相关的主题文章:

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