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Orangemen have hit the Lippi brand activation attack has not yet reached the ideal state [2] report Wu Lei’s 5-0 ball break Gao Lin Yan Junling drow head point reporter Wang Xiaorui Kunming reported from November 3rd led in Haigeng base first training until the 8 evening, in the teaching contest, led by China team 5 to 0 victory over Wuhan zall, Lippi over the past 5 days of training results is achieved. Despite their strength is not strong, and only from the armor, but the national team or a zero ball victory in the card before the war in confidence. It can be predicted that after the inspection of this war, Lippi’s ideas and tactics, will be more deeply by players experience. The national team in 120 minutes, but also kicked out some of the contents of Lippi want. In the past five days, Lippi has been trying to instill his players, tactics. Especially in the attack, he is very high for the forward and the overall oppression. In training, Lippi will also arrange some items from the shallower to the deeper, in a step-by-step manner, the players were familiar with his style and requirements, especially the position of responsibility. Because of Lippi’s 433 formation is relatively flexible, when the team in different state, each position requirements have changed. This requires players to mastery, from the bottom of my heart really understand what combat role in each position is what. And this is exactly what Lippi is going to see through this game. The game, the Chinese team in the first half of the 30 minutes, unusually good performance. Not only by Zhang Linpeng, Yu Dabao and Gao Lin with three cities, ahead of the victory, but also several times in the frontcourt play pleasant coordination. Especially the front end of the three players – Zhang Xizhe, Gao Lin and Yu Dabao Lippi for their requirements, it is free. He hoped that three people can often transposition, by constantly running at space, and seek fine cooperation. The second national team, scoring three goals, is the embodiment of the thought of Lippi. Orangemen have hit the mark in the type count three front men, because the forward pass Zhang Xizhe’s good, a lot of the time, he often pulled back to the front waist region, to the front of Gao Lin and Yu Dabao sent straight ball. Because of this cooperation, often can bring a sense of rhythm changes in the attack, it will be very threatening. In addition, Gao, in two people will often change. From the opening standpoint, Gao Lin served as the center, but in 20 minutes before the race, but he often instigated offensive detour to the left. As a matter of fact, the left wing is also a regular part of Gao Lin’s club. And then, he and Yu Dabao and transposition. Twenty-fifth push Kongmen minutes, Gao Lin was just ran to the middle region. Lippi’s ideas and tactics, in addition to reflect the profound play in front of three people, about two wings of the national team, also has the obvious "silver fox brand". Especially in the first half, the left side of the Jiang Zhipeng often pressed forward, trying to accurately pass the ball, used to create a threat. As for Zhang Linpeng, it is very determined to become the right wing corridor". The first ball team to break the deadlock, it is from him even three people on the right after the volley. It is understood that after the training period, Zhang Linpeng also have similar goals. His wonderful record.相关的主题文章:

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