Nanjing Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee of the people’s Repu-soojin

Nanjing municipal CPPCC Standing Committee meeting consultations by the relevant personnel arrangement, Jiangsu windows — original title: Municipal CPPCC held in September 29th thirteen session of the seventeen meeting of the Standing Committee, the CPPCC held the thirteen session of the seventeen meeting of the Standing Committee, around the "reasonable layout, construction to track traffic on the efficient, comprehensive and perfect city public traffic system the theme of consultation. The meeting heard the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, City Metro headquarters (Metro Group) related briefing; listen to the city CPPCC population resources environment (City Construction Committee) related research report; 4 members of the general assembly speech. CPPCC Chairman Shen Jian attended the meeting, municipal people’s Congress deputy director Zang Zhengjin attended the meeting, vice mayor Huang Lan attended the meeting, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Jinwan, Zou Jianping, Hu Qingang, Lu Pinggui, Chen Hua, Wu Weiguo, municipal CPPCC Committee member Qi Lu, Secretary General Peng Zhenning attended the meeting. Before the meeting, the city CPPCC members tried subway line 4. At present, the Metro Line 4 18 new stations in addition to the Longjiang Railway Station, the other 17 have completed the main structure, installation and decoration construction has entered the final stage, the interval tunnel has been all through. The east station to the east section, Caochangmen station to station section of Huitong has completed the cold and hot slide, carry out the train line debugging, is expected next year before the Spring Festival opened and put into operation. The latest data show that, as of now, the city rail network has opened 6 lines of operation, operating mileage of 225 kilometers, the length of the country ranked fifth. Ground bus lines 622, line mileage of 9796.6 km, bus network coverage continues to improve. 2015 the city’s total passenger traffic reached 1 billion 741 million passengers, the main city bus sharing rate of 59%. Shen Jian pointed out that urban public transport is one of the most important infrastructure of the city, is a public welfare undertakings related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. In recent years, the city actively promote the construction of public transport, increase the intensity of urban public transport facilities, urban public transport system has been improved, people’s satisfaction significantly improved. "13th Five-Year" period, should focus on the Yangtze River Delta only "big city", "east central city" positioning, adhere to the priority of public transport, adhere to the goal of construction of urban public transportation is not shaken, in five aspects of the optimization of public transportation development ideas, function layout, transfer conditions, operation management and external environment work. The CPPCC will play their own advantages, continue to concern the development of public transport, positive suggestions, and make due contributions to the construction of "strong rich makall" new Nanjing. The meeting also negotiated through the personnel arrangements. (Lv Ningfeng) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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