More than 20 times a false blows test instrument is not willing to blow air after male

After drunk driving, men rushed to the post and refused to breathe. The fake blow test instrument was more than 20 times. (reporter Liang Shuang correspondent Wu Peiyong, Qian Xiaojun and Zhang Peng) the Wuhan traffic police organized more than 500 police officers to carry out the drunk driving regulation in the first night, and investigated the action through the network platform. In the evening, there were 11 illegal behaviors and 12 drinking driving behavior. 10:10 that evening, in the Beijing Hankou Dazhi Road, a white Dongfeng AX7 SUV saw police posts directly after Chong Gang, but because there is more vehicles, and in the light, there is no way to run before it stopped. The driver Lee wore gold rimmed glasses, gentle face, he and the police playing the Tai Chi, do false blow nearly 20 times, does not blow, the detector has no numerical display. At this time, the people watching the live broadcast began to comment: "can’t escape, why do you have to!" "The acting of God!" The police call the ambulance with blood equipment, in this case, the man still holds the air for five or six times. It was not until the doctor took out the needle to draw blood. I did not expect to blow the air to the 106mg 100ml, which was suspected of drunken driving. Finally, Li’s blood test was 97.90, and drunk driving was set up.

醉驾男冲岗后死活不肯吹气受检 假吹测试仪20多次   本报讯(记者梁爽 通讯员吴培勇 钱小军 张鹏)武汉交警前晚组织500多名民警开展酒驾整治,并通过网络平台直播查处行动。当晚共查获醉酒驾驶违法行为11起、饮酒驾驶行为12起。   当晚10时10分,在京汉大道大智路口,一辆白色的东风AX7越野车看到交警设岗后直接冲岗,但因为前方车辆较多,且在等红灯,实在是没路可跑才停了下来。驾驶员李某戴着金丝边眼镜,面相斯文,他和民警打起了“太极”,做动作假吹了近20次,死活不吹气,检测仪上一直显示不出数值。此时,观看直播的网友们纷纷开始评论:“逃不了了,何必呢!”“神演技!”   民警叫来带抽血设备的救护车,就是在这种情况下,男子依然还憋着气假吹了五六次。直到医生拿出了抽血针头,他才乖乖就范。没想到,吹气值却一下飙到了106mg 100ml,涉嫌醉酒驾驶。最终,李某血检值97.90,醉驾成立。相关的主题文章:

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