Mobile phone is never referred to the police station by recidivist they both exposed-pullip

Mobile phone is never referred to the police station. They borrowed a pair of friends often go to expose both burglary, due to the recent mobile phone does not go to the police station, the police found the clue and taking advantage of piercing eye, which was caught, waiting for them will be severely punished by law. Recently, a rush to Jiaxing Haiyan County Public Security Bureau in the city police station said that his mobile phone to lend a friend of Wang, the result is borrowed, "I told him to do not know how many times, he is not willing to also." Under the helplessness of Cheng, he had to turn to the police for help. However, Cheng was vague and somewhat contradictory, making some doubts in the mind of the police. In the process of a further inquiry and confirm the details, let the police never thought that a small friction with mouth friend Wang actually is. It can not cover the truth. Cheng and Wang made a real account. During the period from April 2015 to June, he and Wang jointly ran with Wang for more than 11000 yuan for many factories, dormitories, repair vehicles, etc. That night, the police launched an action based on clues provided by Cheng, and eventually arrested another suspect Wang, who confessed to a series of theft crimes committed by two people. At present, Wang has been detained in criminal custody, and Cheng has been bailed out for trial, and the case is being further tried.

手机相借有去无回闹到派出所 惯犯哥俩双双暴露一对朋友常常结伴行窃,最近因借手机不还闹到了派出所,民警火眼金睛发现端倪,并趁势将其一网打尽,等待他们的将是法律的严惩。近日,程某匆匆来到嘉兴海盐县公安局于城派出所报案称,自己把手机借给朋友王某后,结果有借无还,“我跟他要了不知道多少次了,他就是不肯还。”程某无奈之下只好向民警求助。然而程某含糊其辞,略带矛盾的描述,让民警心中多了一些疑虑。就在对程某做进一步的追问及细节确认时,让民警万万没想到的是程某与其口中发生小摩擦的朋友王某竟都是惯犯。 眼看遮掩不住真相,程某如实交代,自己与王某在2015年4月至6月期间,曾多次与王某结伴窜至于城镇多家工厂宿舍、修车行等地盗取现金11000余元。当晚,民警根据程某提供的线索立即展开行动,最终将另一名犯罪嫌疑人王某抓获,其对两人所犯的一系列盗窃犯罪事实供认不讳。目前王某已被刑事拘留,程某被取保候审,案件正在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章:

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