Ministry of public security intends to introduce foreign non-governmental organizations related to t tsumori chisato

The public security department intends to introduce foreign non Beijing government organized relevant guidelines – the Ministry of public security intends to introduce overseas NGO representative office registration and filing work guide temporary activities on 14 October, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai (reporter Zou Wei, Zhu?) reporter from the Foreign Ministry of public security and the Shanghai municipal public Security Bureau convened in Shanghai on 14 non government organization of the forum was informed that "overseas NGO representative office registration and filing temporary work guidelines (Draft)" has been proposed, at present the positive comments, and will be officially implemented in January 1st next year "overseas NGO activities within the management law" promulgated. The Ministry of public security of overseas non government organization and management office director Hao Yunhong said, the public security ministry attaches great importance to the overseas NGO service management for overseas NGOs in China to carry out activities to create favorable conditions, to provide efficient and convenient services, is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law to do the preparatory work related to wildly beating gongs and drums. At present, led by the Ministry of public security, the relevant departments in the country of foreign non-governmental organizations to coordinate the work of supervision and management mechanism has been established, responsible for research, coordinate and solve major problems of overseas NGOs to conduct supervision and management activities and service facilities in China territory. Hao Yunhong introduced, in order to give overseas NGOs in China in accordance with the law to carry out China registration to provide guidance and convenient services, related normative documents in research development, including the "overseas NGO representative office registration and filing work for" temporary "overseas NGOs in China territory areas and projects, business directory the competent units" etc.. "We are building the overseas NGO service management information system and Internet sites, overseas NGOs can through the online service platform for registration, booking, online application, online submission of relevant materials etc.." Hao Yunhong said that the relevant guidance documents will also be released on the service platform. It is understood that the Ministry of public security is in conjunction with the Ministry of civil affairs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has done research in the two part of the registration department of overseas NGO Representative Office of the handover, to ensure a smooth transition to the new framework of the legal management, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of overseas ngos. The provincial public security organs entry and exit reception hall is being built to record the admissibility of the window to facilitate the work of foreign non-governmental organizations and foreign workers to work together, residence and other related documents procedures.相关的主题文章:

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