Ministry of public security emergency reminder 170, paragraph 171 more than 10 million fraud careful e2140

The Ministry of public security emergency alert: 170, section 171 fraud multiple careful – Sohu finance real case three: "your mobile phone number is stolen by June 12, 2016," Ms. Ke police said it received a phone in the other day, she said somewhere in the operating room for a mobile phone number arrears 4 thousand yuan, now call to the public security bureau. A man claiming to be the man police said someone posing as her ID card information, now the mobile phone number has been suspected of illegal fund-raising, or will be subject to criminal penalties for half a year, then the man claimed to be the investigation of its bank account, Ms. Ke in accordance with the other operation, to 50 thousand yuan transferred to the so-called security account. The results found cheated. Case four: "you have the problem of online shopping, can give you a refund" in January 1, 2016, Ms. ye received a phone call from 1708133xxxx, the other said Ms. ye on the Internet to buy things, now can give her the money back, and by the number of sending her a message with a link, Ms. Ye according to the prompt in the link page on the website to enter the bank card number and verification code, found his bank card was transferred out of 5 thousand yuan. Since the beginning of this year, 17 telecommunications fraud prologue is the beginning of this year, the number of the beginning of the number of calls to defraud the opening of the 17, please be vigilant. 1, I am Taobao customer service XX, due to system problems, you just buy things online (clothes game prepaid card) there is a problem, can now give you a refund…… 2, Hello, I am a bank staff, in view of your recent XX bank credit card credit is good, can help you apply for the bank credit card limit…… 3, I am your friend XX’s leadership, because there is urgent need to borrow some money from you now, please remit money to the XXXX bank account can, the name of XX…… 4, Hello, I am you just registered the dating site staff, want to have to pay 1000 yuan deposit to your friends on our website, the margin can hit the designated account XXXX… 5, I was the staff of the Financial Bureau, you are hereby notified to you this morning near the bank teller machine to receive Car Buying according to the prompt (housing subsidies subsidies newborn subsidies, child subsidies), Tel 170XXX…… 6, I am a university teacher, according to the circumstances of your application for tuition grants, has now passed the school research, is to inform you to go to your bank teller machine in accordance with the prompts to receive relevant subsidies…… 7, I am your daughter’s teacher, your daughter in school performance is very good, now the school hope that she will participate in the XX contest, but now need to pay training fee of 9800 yuan, training fee can be transferred to the XX account. Contact: XX teacher, contact 170XXX…… 8, Hello, I am an airport staff, you have just bought the ticket because no ticket system successfully, can now give you a refund, please provide your bank account, and dial the telephone staff 170XXX…… Police once again reminded, received 170, 171 at the beginning of the number of phone calls or text messages, please specify.相关的主题文章:

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