Ministry of foreign affairs to respond to the detention of Chinese citizens in Philippines Immigrati-winlinez

Foreign Ministry responded to the Philippines immigration detention China citizens – International – original title: Foreign Ministry responded to the Philippines immigration detention China citizens Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 28 November, (reporter Sun Chenqian) Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 28 on the Philippines immigration detention a large number of citizens. Chinese responded. On the same day at a regular press conference, a reporter asked, according to reports, the Philippines Immigration Bureau 24 detained a number of suspected illegal work for a gambling website of Chinese citizens. Please state the case and the work done by the Chinese side. Geng Shuang said, the Philippines immigration detention in a large China citizens against illegal online gambling operations. After the incident, the Embassy in Philippines China overnight send personnel rushed to the scene disposal, requested the proper placement of the detained personnel, to speed up the progress of identity verification, release the legal status of personnel as soon as possible, to guarantee the security and humanitarian treatment involved, as soon as possible in accordance with the law and justice treatment. At present, some Chinese citizens have been released, the rest are still waiting for further verification. He said that China has always asked Chinese citizens to comply with the laws and regulations of the country of residence, legal residence, work, do not participate in or engage in gambling and other activities may endanger their own interests. At the same time, China expressed concern about a large number of citizens detained Chinese philippines. "We will continue to pay close attention to the progress of events, to maintain contact with the Philippine side, urged the Philippine side to properly settle the matter as soon as possible." Geng Shuang said. (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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