Millet notebook air 12 Apple MacBook contrast to a iPhone of money

Millet notebook Air 12 contrast apple MacBook a poor iPhone millet notebook Air once released, with a high price advantage caused many users sought after. In fact, we can see through the evaluation of the article before it’s work is still relatively reliable, compared with the same price models still have a lot of advantages. Then there are a lot of people will consider the problem of comparison between different models, the first is the apple products. Well, the same is 12 inch thin and light design, the difference between millet notebook Air 12 and apple MacBook, how to choose, today we have to talk about this topic. Maybe you will say that this is also a contrast? Two products is not a price, workmanship and design is not in a level, millet will defeat. Of course, each product has its own characteristics, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, think Apple has just launched a new MacBook when the keyboard is generally accused of poor hand when you can understand. Not much to say, following into the subject. The same design both in fact, we can see that there are still a lot of the same characteristics between millet and apple MacBook Air 12 notebook, for example: both 12 inch screen design, for the full metal body, Core M processor, is no fan design, are the main light and portable. In other words, the flagship of the two products is a group of people, that is, light office crowd. This contrast will become more natural, although the price gap between the two machines have a iPhone so much, but we will be in the next few points from the most concerned about the comparison. The appearance of different design: millet Air 12 notebook left, right: Apple MacBook left: Apple MacBook, millet notebook Air 12 right: first appearance, apple MacBook shell has four kind of color: rose gold, deep space gray, gold, silver, full metal body design, the fuselage with rounded edges, stylish. The color of the body is only two colors of gold and gold can be selected, and the fuselage of the transition from the angle of the four stiff, obvious differences in style. Not only that, the design of millet notebook Air using A without logo, this design seems to be also highlights in the slot point, to provide personalized official stickers and laser character pattern can make A, more personality, is not a new style, but whether this kind of design will continue to be thought-provoking. Apple MacBook A is Apple logo classic design, but from the previous backlight logo to design metal polishing, but will inevitably produce scratches after use in a long time, just like the iPhone 6 back logo. Left: the apple MacBook, right: millet 12 Air in addition, although both are metal body, but the metal sandblasting process still has a big difference, apple MacBook feel more delicate and comfortable, and millet notebook Ai.相关的主题文章:

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