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In the network National Day send welfare: Liaoning ship new wallpaper (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Liaoning ship wallpaper. Text with map: Liaoning ship wallpaper. New records of Liaoning ship? Liaoning ship, the first aircraft carrier also. Baizhang flesh, hearts of iron, Ge Yao in Anguo, but the whole world, HannStar in Kyushu earthquake. Preexistence, Varyag, entanglement of sixteen years, but the hull number set. Through Europe and Asia, arrived at the city, which lasted six hundred and twenty-seven days. Three years mottled, solitary Bo Dalian terminal, seven years into the surging the Yellow Sea remodeling. In the naval base, column Navy, named "Liaoning", played after four years training at sea. Power jack, sword Royal Xinjiang, cabin three thousand, Rui Shi 1000. The landing ship, submarine with four plow waves, magic dinghai. In the beginning, four years so far, the world is not critical, in less. The world, all in the embrace of the ten aircraft carriers, and the rise of I not sad sigh, is that state officials set fire? Sino Japanese battle, nine Temple natural earthquake, Deng Shichang "true warriors" call it in my ears. The island, the tide falls, "Xiao Jinguang Island charter" thought to be still ringing in our ears. The vast sea, the soul of supporting mountain, Liu Huaqing oath built aircraft carrier "shall be read in my ears. The vast expanse of water, numerous reefs, Chinese native land, dare not. Renchen Zhongqiu, aircraft carrier into the sea, a shallow water dragon, Phoenix broken cage. Flying shark vacated array into the steel, the country star artist, Albert weiyang. The South China sea waves, formation flight. One hundred years of ambition in sight, deep blue. The aircraft carrier "Liaoning", in the country character, strong bones, and Hugh hoplite, round the earnest hope, shun the world current waves, holding the Du Jingwei wood, Zheng Hezhi continued the journey, see East Dawning, leading the trend in the future.相关的主题文章:

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