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Man 21 years old couple had no children of their obligation to take care of every night for the foot massage – public – rich Township five-star village in Hanyuan County, Jiang Yian filed name, not a thumbs down the villagers. Jiang Yian took good care of the old couple that neither relative nor friend, is to insist on a 21 year. Recently, the reporter went to the Hanyuan County rich Township five-star village, of this kind and ordinary villagers interviewed. The story has to be told in 1994. When only 25 years old Jiang Yian learned from relatives, 5 groups at a distance of 20 kilometers outside his home rich Township prosperous village, a more than 60 year old couple Li Peilian and Li Bingtang, they had no ability to work, to live very hard. "It’s not a taste for me to hear that the old man is so poor." After long holidays, Jiang Yian will be put on the necessities of life to visit them. This comes, it usually takes five or six hours. At the beginning of 1995, it was going to be a new year, and Jiang Yian suddenly proposed to take two old people home for support. "You have no consanguineous relationship with them. It’s good to visit every year, and you don’t have a good home." The relatives and friends of the matter have been persuaded. At that time, Jiang Yian had become a family, the economic conditions were not very good, he and his wife not only to take care of the two year old daughter, but also to take care of the elderly mother. In spite of Jiang Yian’s sympathy for the two old men, his wife finally agreed. Jiang Yian no longer hesitated, then took the two old man back home. "From today, you are my family, and I will treat you as parents and live with you." Jiang Yian said to the two old man. Every night, Jiang Yian came to the bed with a pot of hot water and washed and massaged the two old people. This habit, he persisted for 21 years. Every winter, he was early for the elderly good stove; buy clothes, buy them regularly with the elderly nutrition, physical examination, and they often talk, greetings. "If my wife and I didn’t care Yian ginger, would be in, we have already regarded him as his own son." This is what Li Peilian said all the time. The village people say Jiang Yian silly, his family condition is not good, but also the two man to have neither relative nor friend, increase the burden on the family. But his idea is very simple: "the maintenance of two elderly people just two pairs of chopsticks, for good." "We have an old family as if there is a treasure, we never take the old man as a burden." It is also because he and his wife’s words and deeds, their daughter was obedient when Jiang Yian go out to work, the daughter often help her mother to take care of the elderly. The family and the peace of harmony, in the neighborhood of the transmission of positive energy. (reporter You Fei) (commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi) 男子21年义务照顾无儿女老夫妻 每晚为其洗脚按摩–公益–人民网   在汉源县富乡乡五星村,提起姜以安的名字,没有一个村民不竖大拇指的。   姜以安悉心照料非亲非故的老夫妻,这一坚持便是21年。   近日,记者来到汉源县富乡乡五星村,对这个善良而平凡的村民进行了采访。   故事还得从1994年说起。   当年只有25岁的姜以安从亲戚处得知,在距离他家20公里外的富乡乡富强村5组,有一对60多岁的老夫妻李培莲和李炳堂,他们无儿无女,没有劳动能力,生活过得非常艰辛。“听说老人这么可怜,我心里很不是滋味。”之后,只要过节,姜以安便会提上生活用品去探望二老。这一来一回,通常要花上五六个小时。   1995年初,眼看就要过年,姜以安突然提出把两位老人接回家供养。“你和他们没有血缘关系,逢年过节去看望已经不错了,况且你家也并不宽裕……”得知此事的亲友纷纷劝说。   当时,姜以安已经成家,经济条件不是很好,他与妻子不仅要照顾两岁女儿,还要照顾年迈的母亲。拗不过姜以安对两位老人的同情,妻子终于答应了。姜以安不再犹豫,随即把两位老人接回了家。“从今天开始,你们就是我的家人了,我会把你们当成父母一样对待,和你们共同生活。”姜以安对两位老人说。   每晚,姜以安都会端着一盆热水来到床前,给两位老人洗脚、按摩,这一习惯,他坚持了21年。每到冬天,他便早早地为老人生好炉子;定期给他们买衣服,买营养品,带老人体检,经常和他们谈心,嘘寒问暖。“如果我和老伴没有姜以安的照顾,可能早就不在了,我们早已把他当成了亲生儿子。”这是李培莲逢人就说的话。   村里有人说姜以安傻,自己家庭条件不好,还要把两位非亲非故的老人接来养,增加家庭负担。但他的想法很淳朴:“赡养两个老人只是多两双筷子而已,敬老得福。”“家有一老如有一宝,我们从来不把老人当负担。”也正是因为他和妻子的言传身教,他们的女儿从小乖巧孝顺,当姜以安外出打工时,女儿常常帮着母亲照顾老人。一家人和和睦睦,在邻里间传递着正能量。(记者 游飞) (责编:史雅乔、蒋琪)相关的主题文章:

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