Media survey Beijing more than half of the University playground for the public set the threshold –

Media survey: Beijing University playground on the public half threshold – Beijing Capital Institute of Physical Education closed track and field venue empty photography trainee reporter Jiang Ruojing people in the north to build large basket of golf Beijing west newly installed on the playground in June this year the State Council issued the access to the "National Fitness Program (2016 – 2020) of the notice clearly to ensure that the requirements of the school sports facilities of public sports facilities and meet the opening conditions of enterprises, open to the public. The summer vacation is coming to an end, the University playground, gym and other sports facilities are idle, open to the community in the end how. Recently, the BMC reporter visited 14 colleges and universities located in Beijing, more than half of the University playground and other stadiums to the public with "threshold", some installation of access control closed management, the school sports field is the time limit of regional opening, some foreign admission fees, the individual school playground run a step to 10 yuan. Visit the site of a large installation method of Beijing Normal University, "access" closed management at 8:30 yesterday morning, BYD reporter went to the Third Ring Road in Beijing Normal University, found that opening to the West playground on the south entrance of the new gate and access gates, the staff said only the school staff and students can enter the credit card, people outside can not enter the exercise. "Here is open, but from last year the school sports venues reform, playground and gymnasium are the entrance, only the school teachers and students and staff ID card can enter." So, if people outside the school can apply for temporary cards identity card? With questions, the reporter then went to the stadium Qiu Jiduan stadium management office. Posted in front of the school students online booking venues and part of the venue to pay notice, duty officers responded that outsiders can not do card. In the spare time, the school sports venues to open the card teachers and students, large-scale activities need to be approved by the school office. Specific issues can be opened to the school public resources service center after consultation." The stadium also closed management, as well as China University of Political Science and Law Changping campus. Different from the normal university, the stadium of law has experienced a tortuous process of "closed, open and close". In April this year, due to the dispute between the outside staff and students occupied football grounds, France (Changping campus) is not open to the playground, basketball courts, schools require teachers and students to enter the sports venues to brush the campus card. The school a sophomore BYD told reporters: "in April after the incident, the school on the restoration of the access control system, we can enter the football field after the credit card." During the summer, the law also strengthened the teaching building, playground and other public places, people outside can not enter, the student said: "the playground, the teaching building at the entrance has a security guard, to show the card to enter the campus." The foreign trade playground foreign fee of 10 yuan in Beijing Times reporter visited learned that many colleges and universities, such as sports field people’s University, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Central University of Finance and Economics, Capital Normal University, Beijing Technology and Business University and other schools, in addition to class time, to enter and use external personnel do not stop相关的主题文章:

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